Break your Growth-o-meter with Maître

viral referrals

Ever wondered how some contests go viral? Read on.

We’re bringing you a radical new way to grow your mailing list exponentially: incentivize referrals, give away coupons, and run contests. Fast.

We are proud to announce the Moosend x Maître plugin.

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Spur automatic growth – with referrals

Achieving word-of-mouth when launching a new product or service is essential. And it no longer has to take time. Meet Moosend x Maître.

Create a viral loop into your product

We have talked about various ways to grow your mailing list in the past. Today we present you with the freshest tool to get more emails and render your content viral – 100% integratable with Moosend.

With Maître, you can grow your email list through referrals and go viral.

What your email marketing has been missing is gamification and tracking referrals. And Maître gives you just that.

Get results in minutes – not days!

How Maître works

Maître is a referral software that accelerates lead attraction like no other. By leveraging wait times Maître triggers demand and spurs viral shares through imminent rewards, and grows your audience on Moosend.

How it does that: Maître fabricates a viral loop and allows you to grow through friends telling friends. Moosend takes over from there and matches mailing lists to campaigns and automations.

This way, through refer-a-friend style waiting lists, sweepstakes & lead-magnets, you quickly start building a mailing list that is not only fast-growing but also highly-engaged. The growth rate is only influenced by your offering; the more exciting and appropriate the reward, the faster the gamification process blooms.

Branding-wise, the Moosend x Maître plugin takes your business to a new place: it communicates a more extroverted, playful profile that can shift through a variety of examples.

Beyond that, brands need to effectively communicate the value they are adding to their users. In departing from a more self-centered communication style, brands should clearly get across what is in for every user. Gamification in a great way to keep track of your users actions and reward them for each action they take.

Increase engagement and involvement on your followers’ side and spark up excitement. You’ll have subscribers looking forward to your next email – what could possibly help you break through the (inbox) clutter faster?

Moosend x Maître

But what do you do with all this data once you have it? Thankfully, Maître perfectly integrates with Moosend through its built-in marketing automation component.

The Moosend plugin for Maître enables automatic syncing of your selected mailing list from Maître straight to your Moosend email marketing.

  1. Keep track of various fields as well as add extra fields that matter to your business on a neat interface.
  2. Style the form however you like, customize it, and sit back to watch your leads grow!
  3. Track all of your referrals combined with email automation by Moosend to build rich customer profiles and grow your revenue in a more targeted way.
  4. Get in-depth analytics that help you adapt your strategy and customize rewards to get higher results even!
  5. Reduce your cost per lead, smartly!

What are you waiting for? Grow that list with Maître!

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