200+ Hot Summer Email Subject Lines To Boost Your Summer Sales

200+ Hot Summer Email Subject Lines To Boost Your Summer Sales

Published By John Desyllas
September 11, 2023

Writing engaging summer email subject lines that get clicked isn’t an easy feat. Especially with the fierce competition among brands during the summer months.

To craft an effective summer subject line, you need to think of your industry, target audience, brand, and campaign goal.

And while there is no “magic” formula to win over your competitors, we’ve collected the best eCommerce summer email subject lines from well-known brands to fuel your inspiration and upgrade your summer email marketing game.

So, let’s get started!

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Best Summer Email Subject Lines for 2022

Brands start sending their summer email marketing campaigns as early as May and continue until September. From classic email newsletters to summer sales campaigns, the summer season includes everything you can imagine.

Due to the fierce competition, brands try to form a solid digital marketing strategy by crafting cool summer subject lines to attract readers’ attention and increase their email open rates.

Here we have compiled a list of the best-performing summer email subject line ideas from famous brands to inspire you and get you started!

Note: For the ultimate list of summer email subject lines, click on the box on the right side of your screen!

GeneralSales/Promotional With EmojisEarly SummerLate Summer
  • Life’s a Beach!
  • ALL-NEW: Summer Style Series
  • Ordering for Summer + Fall
  • here comes the 🌞 shop up to 75% off
  • Love Is In The Air
  • An Endless Summer ☀️
  • Skip the end-of-summer blues
  • Beat the summer heat
  • Crushing on summer lips
  • The August List
  • Summer’s not over yet! 😎
  • It’s this summer’s hottest product
  • Keep That Summer Feeling
  • Sun, sand, and summer
  • tis the season
  • You’re not too late to the party…
  • Celebrate summer with us
  • Summer Celebrations ☀️ Give an American-Made Gift
  • It’s officially BEACH SEASON!
  • Monday blues ➡️ summer hues!
  • “S” is for…
  • Sunny savings 🌞 15% off this summer
  • Don’t be left short this summer☀️
  • Make A Splash: 40% Off ALL Swim👙
  • Summer Clearance: Extra 40% Off All Sale Styles
  • summer freebies?!
  • Sunshine in a compact
  • Denim Looks for Summer
  • Heat, sweat, SPFs, masks… 🥵
  • Summers not over + Extra 40% off
  • It’s a [Brand name] Summer ☀️
  • Tap for 50% off summer favorites!
  • Re: Our summer sale
  • {Name}, ✨Aesthetically✨ Chosen Just For YOU!
  • Summer plans? Take something [brand] on your adventure.
  • Your Feet Need Some Air
  • The ultimate summer accessory? Radiant skin.
  • Prices are dropping like it’s hot!
  • Last chance: hot sale meltdown🍦
  • An Unmistakably [Brand name] Summer
  • july freebies have landed !
  • Summer News | Men’s & Women’s [Product line]
  • Message in a bottle – Summer trends revealed
  • No time to wait: SUMMER SALE is on!
  • ⚡️QUICK!⚡️ I found the ONLY deals you need for the summer.
  • Splash into summer! Activate beachmode!👙🏝
  • 👙👙 It’s matching sea-son 🩳🩳
  • 🍒🍦 soak up our summertime favorites
  • There’s still time to get away 🧳 😊
  • 📝 Your summer checklist for makeup essentials
  • Swim In Style💦30% Off ALL Swim!
  • 🔥Summer’s H☀️TTEST Sale: 30-60% Off EVERYTHING🔥
  • July favorites! 🍉
  • ☀️ up to 75% off alllllll the summer essentials ☀️
  • Digital marketing science on the go 🔬👨‍🔬🏄
  • Can’t Talk Rn I’m Buying Hot Girl Sh*T🔥💸
  • celebrate with us 🎈
  • 🌊 Cool off this summer, John 👙 🩳
  • ☀️50% Off☀️ Everything You Need For Summer! 🍹🏖️
  • Take 15% off ⛱️ summer ⛱️ sleep essentials
  • Today’s Forecast: 50% off. ⏳ 🧨
  • 4☀️% off – Save on Summer Ends Soon 😎
  • 🌅 late-summer scents have arrived. 🌅
  • 🌡️ It’s up to 60% off in here…
  • May Edit: Signs of Summer
  • Get Ready for Summer | Everyday Wear
  • Summer dreaming? Book from just £25*
  • Tailored linen sets for summer ☀️
  • Add a little tang to your summer wardrobe 🍍
  • Time for Linen
  • Are You Ready for Warmer Weather?
  • Linen season is here
  • 😎 New season, new sale: [SAVE] up to $400!
  • hi summer, and hello up to 75% off (literally) everything
  • The best of May 🌻
  • Kickstart summer with 20% off 🌞
  • 30% off Summer Sale preview weekend!
  • Summer is just a dress away…
  • Summer is (unofficially) here 🙌
  • summer dreamin’? ⛱ us too…
  • ☀️ Summer’s Out! ☀️
  • Summer is sale-ing away!
  • Ends Tomorrow: 25% Off Summer Sendoff Sale
  • End the summer with 20% off and a FREE lip duo.
  • Say Goodbye to Summer! 20% Off Everything Ends Soon
  • Goodbye Summer 🌞 Hello Fall! 🍂
  • End Summer On A High! 🙌
  • Summer’s over. Rest easy with up to 15% off.
  • Discover late summer Must-Haves
  • [Name], 1000’s Of NEW Summer ➡️ Fall Styles! ✨
  • New: late-summer layers
  • End of Summer = Clearance 🦩
  • End Of Summer Sale! ☀️ FINAL WEEKEND! 😱
  • Enjoy summer in September
  • It’s not over ’til we say it’s over
  • END OF SUMMER Closeout Sale!
  • Ending Soon ⏳ Summer Clearance Sale 🦩
  • 🌅Don’t let the sun set on these savings – get up to $350 off [product]!
  • Goodbye, summer! Hello, 20% off!
  • Buy-Buy, Summer Sale | 40% off 👋

Summer Email Subject Line Examples

In this section, you’ll find prime examples of effective email subject lines along with their respective summer email campaigns, and we’ll be looking at why the combination of these works well.

1. The Body Shop

Subject Line: Heat, sweat, SPFs, masks… 🥵

Why it works: First of all, this subject line has a great rhyming style (heat with sweat and SPFs with masks). The Body Shop has created a simple subject line that stresses the common pain point of customers.

Moreover, the use of emojis makes the subject line eye-catching, while it also shows that these 4 things mentioned above make your face “suffer.” What’s cool about this campaign is that the brand provides their 2-step solution to this (with their products, of course) without annoying their subscribers.

The email:

summer email subject lines

2. MAC Cosmetics

Subject Line: A hot summer treat! FREE gift.

Why it works: This subject line from MAC Cosmetics is a great way to encourage readers to open the email. This is because of the free gift the company gives. Nobody can say no to free stuff, and letting your subscribers know they are in for a treat only makes things better.

So, in this particular example, the brand clearly emphasizes the value the readers get if they open the email campaign. Paired with social media ads (through retargeting), this campaign will surely yield a significant amount of sales.

The email:

MAC cosmetics summer email campaign

3. Chubbies

Subject Line: “S” is for…

Why it works: Chubbies has created the perfect summer subject line to get subscribers excited. “S” is for … summer, right? Well, it’s also for “sexy.” Moreover, it makes a perfect connection with the brand’s sale of their summer shorts. So, “S” is also for SALE! Hooray!! From the email subject line to the design and email copy, everything is aligned to promote this summer sale in a fun and lighthearted way.

The email:

Chubbies summer email marketing campaign

4. Razer

Subject Line: Summer in Your Sights

Why it works: Razer is a brand that targets gamers. With this in mind, their subject line blends reality (i.e., that summer is approaching) with the “sights” part of a gun that most gamers are familiar with from their RPG games. Upon opening the email, subscribers see Razer products on the main visual (which is a gun’s iron sights). So, we have a complete match between the subject line and the rest of the campaign.

The email:

Razer summer email example

5. Happy Socks

Subject Line: Buy-Buy, Summer Sale | 40% off 👋

Why it works: Here, we have a summer email marketing campaign from Happy Socks, delivered to their email list towards the end of summer. As you can see, the brand employs clever humor in the form of a pun in the subject line. While subliminally encouraging subscribers to purchase, the company says goodbye to summer. To make sure their humor is appreciated, the company uses an emoji at the end to make the message clear and avoid “annoying” users.

What’s also interesting in this campaign is the attempt to leverage the fear of missing out (FOMO). You’ll see a “subtle” red visual on this campaign indicating that this is the last chance to benefit from the 40% off plus the free shipping included.

The email:

Happy Socks summer email marketing example

6. Fashion Nova

Subject Line: 🔥50% OFF🔥 SUMMER S-A-L-E‼️

Why it works: Fashion Nova chooses to promote its summer deals and big savings through a subject line with capital letters. While it may be flagged as spam by some email service providers, capital letters sure attract attention and make the message stand out. What’s more, the use of the two emojis makes the subject line eye-catching, while they are also relevant to the summer context (since it’s hot).

The email:

Fashion Nova summer email camapign example

Tips To Improve Your Summer Email Subject Lines

While creating a good email subject line isn’t rocket science, there are a few tips that you can follow to make sure your summer email subject lines resonate with your target audience. This will also result in more opened emails, thus higher chances of more successful conversions.

Whether you have a small business or an established eCommerce store, these tips will help you transform your email marketing game for the better!

#1 Make your subject lines playful

Summertime is a fun season and people are excited to make new purchases and exhibit their summer styles. For this reason, your email subject lines should reflect the light mood of the season and “promote” good summer vibes.

For example, you can experiment with wordplays, puns, and funny wording. Your preview text could also have humorous elements. Moreover, you should consider adding emojis to your subject lines since they reflect the fun mood of summer while at the same time increasing your open rate.

Another thing you could do is have your marketing team brainstorm ideas about fun ways you could promote your season sales and summer savings.

#2 Add urgency to your email campaigns

A tried and tested way to nudge subscribers into taking action is to incite a sense of urgency in your messages. The fear of missing out (FOMO) is even greater when you’re in a summer mood.

Realizing that time is running out can make customers do impulsive purchases or even purchase more just in case. You need to use these customer feelings to your advantage.

The best way to create urgency is by adding a countdown timer in your emails. A ticking clock can be the decisive element in making customers act upon your summer sales email instead of ignoring it.

#3 Craft smart preview text

As you can understand, you can only say so much in one line. As a result, you need to “accompany” your subject line with additional information to boost its effectiveness. This is done via your email preview text.

Email preview text is the text that appears right next to your subject line. Your subscribers can see it in their inboxes, but not once they open the email. This short extra copy can help you build upon your message or even tease your subscribers about the inside of your email.

This will create additional anticipation, while it may even attract their attention based on what you write on it.

So, by all means, do not leave your email preview text blank!

#4 Leverage special days during the summer holidays

The summer season has various seasonal holidays and events that you can take advantage of to increase your sales. Some of the most notable include Father’s Day (June 17), Independence Day (July 4), Labor Day (September 3) as well as the unofficial end of summer (i.e., Back To School) in mid-August.

Research suggests that customers spend more during these dates, so it’s all the more reason to create beautiful email marketing campaigns to capitalize on this trend.

The above dates are also excellent opportunities to customize your subject lines and try various wordplays to boost their effectiveness.


Supercharge your email marketing campaigns this summer with these subject line ideas, and don’t forget to A/B test them before! Keep track of what works best for your business so you can use it for your next campaigns!

Remember to be fun, use emojis and create a sense of urgency in your campaigns.

If you are reading this article at the end of the summer, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with 370+ email subject lines for sales, any kind of sales!

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