How To Create A Professional Email Signature [+Examples]

How To Create A Professional Email Signature [+Examples]

Want to create a professional email signature that leaves a lasting impression? Say no more! Read this guide and learn how to brand yourself and your business through your signature efficiently!

Email marketing is a powerful tool for marketers and branding specialists. It enables them to nurture their target audience and maximize sales without extra effort. Besides that, emails are among the top means of communication in business. More specifically, 124.5 billion emails are sent daily, and in the future, this number will rise.

So with every email that you send, there is an opportunity to communicate with the recipient successfully or get lost in their super busy inbox. How can you tackle this challenge? Apart from an attractive subject line and a clear text body, you can include a professional email signature designed to catch the reader’s attention!

So tune in to find out how to start this process and see some of the best email signature examples sprinkled throughout this guide!

What Is A Professional Email Signature?

Professional email signatures are like digital business cards placed at the bottom of emails. They usually include your full name, company details, and contact information.

Email senders can also add more interactive elements, such as photos, logos, or even links for marketing and other business purposes.

professional email signature example


Common Professional Email Signature Elements

Business email signatures can serve multiple goals apart from the obvious one, introducing yourself to your email recipients. Let’s have a look at their most common components and how to present them appropriately:

Full Name

Well, you cannot have a signature without your full name. Write it on the top lines of text so that the readers know straight ahead with whom they interact.

You can also make it bold or increase the font size to stand out from the rest of the text. Feel free to mention your preferred pronouns next to your name if you wish.

Job Title and Company Name

This business information will add authority to your correspondence. Readers that receive an email from you for the first time can decide if it’s worth their time by checking your brand name or title. So it’s best to give them that option generously!

Also, adding links to your website is a great practice. Email recipients can search more about your business and work if they wish when clicking on it. And this action can bring some new valuable visitors to your website!

Contact Information

Help your email readers reach out to you by sharing your contact details, such as your phone or fax number. If the email address you’ve used in this case is your primary one, you don’t have to repeat it unless you want to provide them with an additional option.

So email signatures are not just to introduce yourself to the recipients; you can also use them to boost your marketing and sales activities, among others. So here are some additional signature features you can add to step up your business game!

Social Media Icons

Social media marketing is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to communicate with your followers and customers. So why don’t you grab this opportunity to lead your email readers to your social media accounts and start interacting actively with them?

email signature with social media


For example, you can add icons and links from your most frequently used social media profiles at the end of your emails to power up your engagement. This practice is even more effective for professionals who operate in marketing, sales, and other customer-centric roles, as they can help them warm up their relationships with customers and prospects.

So if you use platforms like LinkedIn to promote your work regularly, make sure to add it to your email signature. Those clicks can make a huge difference for your business going forward!

Photo or Company Logo

Want to make your email signature even more personalized? Then add a profile photo so that the reader can recognize and memorize you even better. Choose an image that meets the unwritten rules of your industry.

For instance, if you operate in the financial sector, it’s best to pick a more traditional professional photo, while in the start-up world, you can go with a more creative headshot.

You can also include your company logo to make your professional email signature promote online branding experiences more. Overall, sharing your brand assets with your email subscribers can give an excellent boost to your organizational visibility, especially if you do business often by email.


If you want to take your email game to the next level, you can also include calls-to-action (CTAs) in your signatures. These CTAs will vary based on your business goals.

business email signature CTA


For example, you can promote your latest content piece or add a link to your calendar to prompt readers to schedule an appointment with you, e.g., booking a demo. Make sure to update those CTAs regularly to match your business initiatives each time.

Disclaimer or Legal Requirements

For some industries, such as the financial or legal sector, including an email disclaimer is a common and sometimes essential tactic. If you want to protect your confidentiality or minimize liability, you can encompass it to your signature once and for all. The same applies to warnings for potential viruses that you cannot easily control.

email signature with disclaimer


Professional Email Signature Best Practices

As you can understand, email signature marketing is a real thing. When done right, it can bring various new visitors to your blog or website and turn into an extraordinary practice for your brand, be it personal or business.

So here are some tips on how to create an eye-catching business email signature everyone will love:

1. Share your Most Valuable Information

First off, choose what you want to share on your email signature and what is redundant based on the elements above. The general rule is that the fewer lines of text you have, the better. However, this doesn’t mean that you should cut down on essential details to limit your space – just be more conscious about your choices!

email sign-off


Think about what you want to obtain through your signature and stick to that information. Do you want the recipient to reply to you? Do you need them to engage with your business solutions and convert them into leads? The answers to these and similar business-minded questions will help you decide what is best to include.

Plus, remember that in some instances, you can improvise with what you display. For example, suppose you’re a marketer aspiring to show the world your creative mindset. In that case, you can add a motivational marketing quote or embed one of your latest videos. If it makes sense to you based on your personal and company goals, go for it!

2. Mind the Email Signature Design

Now that you’ve chosen all the essential details that will fit into your professional email signature, it’s about time you decided how to present them effectively. First impressions matter a lot, so make sure that your design is both beautiful and straightforward.

Pick a font that is easy to read and classy, such as Times New Roman or Tahoma. Add spacing and dividers among the different elements you present to create an eye-pleasing signature format. Υou can also use colors to make it more fun and distinctive, utilizing your brand palette.

email signature with banner


Based on eye-tracking tests on email communication, there are additional practices that work pretty awesomely. For example, when you make certain parts of your text bold and add some color, you attract readers more.

Plus, adding a branded banner with a CTA has also proven to be engaging. And it makes sense; it’s an excellent way to catch the reader’s eye following a rather dull-looking main text. Not to mention how powerful those banner clicks can become for your business!

3. Align With your Brand

If you want to showcase your business and your brand name to the world, it’s best to create a branded email signature using your logo. Plus, make sure to tailor your copy and the colors you use based on your branding guidelines.

You can also design a specific format for all your team members to keep a consistent branding experience across your email communications as a company.

4. Try an Email Signature Generator

When adding more interactive elements to your signature, you should write it in HTML to look the same for all email providers like Gmail, Outlook, or Apple. If coding is not one of your strengths, but you don’t want to compromise on quality, you can utilize a relevant tool to help you out.

For example, Hubspot offers a free email signature generator, which is easy to use. Here are some alternatives to consider:

All you need is to pick your favorite professional email signature template and build one in no time. You can add personal details and other elements such as social media links and get a fantastic result effortlessly.

Dive into MySignature’s library of templates to get inspired:

MySignature templates

Once you’re ready, you can test it for different email services and adapt accordingly. Simple as that! And if you want to get it to the next level, you can also try segmentation tactics to target different audiences with different CTAs based on the goals of each department.

5. Use Tracking Links to Measure Success

So how can you monitor the activity of your shared links? Create UTM tracking codes and check their performance through Google Analytics. There you can observe how much these email signatures add to your overall branding strategy and see how you can accelerate these activities from now on.

Also, you can update those links regularly to cater to diverse business goals and needs. For example, if you’re operating in a product-led business and have just launched a new feature, you can link to relevant content or a dedicated landing page to give it a good boost!

6. Ensure Mobile-responsiveness

According to recent stats, 42% of emails are opened on mobile devices. You don’t want to disappoint those email clients by offering “broken” signatures to them. That’s why your design must look great on mobile, too.

So test for mobile-friendliness to ensure that all interactive elements, such as social media icons and images, remain high-quality. Plus, your font should be easy to read for smartphone users, too.

Craft A New Email Signature Today!

So if you thought that having a professional email signature is just to make your email sign-off look fancier, you are now probably amazed by all the information we’ve shared. So pick a format that you like and make a signature that will ultimately upgrade your branding and business game!

And if apart from well-crafted email signatures, you want to create holistic, automated email campaigns using the simplest features, sign up for a Moosend account, and get started today!