5+1 Newsletter Templates To Create Email Campaigns Faster

It’s a regular weekday morning, and marketers are working on their newsletters: Create content; Check!

Normally, styling, previewing, testing, and sending the newsletter could require considerable time, but, with Moosend’s handy Template Library, marketers can marvel at their dazzling email five minutes later!

On Moosend’s new Campaign Editor top menu, you find a Template Library complete with styles, quick-view, and preview buttons. The Library consists of different newsletter styles for various industries, and our plan is to keep expanding the template collection. The continuously growing variety of newsletter templates will save you a lot of time. Pick one of the designs and use it as is, or take it as a wireframe to create your own newsletter template.

beautiful newsletter templates

You can also save your favorite newsletter design for quick access the next time you log in to Moosend!

The Template Library is part of our new drag-and-drop Campaign Editor which was released recently. All features of the Campaign Editor, including newsletter Template Library, are free with all plans.

For those of you who want to speed up their newsletter creation process, we have selected five plus one of the most popular newsletter templates  in our Template Library.

5+1 Popular Newsletter Templates

1. Simple Short Blog

True to our single-column recommendation, this minimal newsletter layout is built around one principle: image is key.

With the name of the blog dominating the layout, the top photo should be very carefully chosen. In particular, it should complement the branding of the blog itself, and be unique as it only has fewer than two seconds to make an impression.

With regard to copy, keep it short and to the point, so that it does not detract from the overall impact. Go for titles which are shorter than 6-8 words, and avoid using more than 10 words in subheads to retain symmetry and keep your email scannable.

blog newsletter template

2. Hotel Reservation Promotion

Raise brand awareness one email at a time with this striking layout. With your logo at the top of the page, it will be easy to stay top-of-mind. Strategically speaking, brand awareness is very important as it is a precursor to brand value and brand loyalty. In this direction:

  • Place your logo on the top of the page to increase brand awareness.
  • Choose this newsletter template especially if your web page resembles this layout. When the subscriber clicks on any link, they will be redirected to a familiar environment and navigate on your page intuitively.
  • Write a short “About” section if you want people to know more about your brand. Not only will this combination boost awareness of your brand, but also add to your brand personality.
  • Keep it simple. A vast array of different topics within a single newsletter can cloud your marketing message, resulting in users leaving your funnel. In the second half of the email, use no more than four photos (e.g. two for suggested activities, and two for your offers).

hotel newsletter template

3. E-commerce Product Placement

For the fans of Apple-style design, this minimal newsletter template can be quickly customized by dragging-and-dropping images on the available spots and adding very little text.

Choose this newsletter template to make a specific product stand out when you place it at the top image spot.

Use the space provided below the top image to showcase more views of the same product, or products from different price ranges.

Free shipping and/or other “carrots” to prompt user action.

This newsletter template offers a great way to educate your subscribers on the features of your product. It is also useful for displaying the weekly highlights of your blog.

Reward those who go through your email with a large discount or other offer at the end of the email. This positive reinforcement strategy can implicitly educate your readers to carefully read your emails in the future. Also, this is a more easily-processed layout as it structures your reader’s attention (see also #5).

e-shop newsletter template

4. Single Product Promotion

Run a promo for a single product using this newsletter template from Moosend’s Template Library. You can advertise a sale, or the release of a new product. Use the space provided below the main image to outline important features, or promote complementary accessories (cross-sell). Customize it within seconds and you are good to go!

single product promo template

5. Clothing Eshop Offers

This layout is perfect for established eshops, since it discretely places your logo at the top of the newsletter template. It is also ideally structured for two different “carrot” buttons (e.g. “Get 25% off”). Use this structured presentation and get readers to engage with you as they scroll further down.

This template also offers direct links to pages on your site, a single-column highlight for a product or product category and a discount coupon. This can be followed by three boxes of similar or other products, another offer, and six more boxes for additional products. As in the “E-commerce product placement” template, this layout helps structure your reader’s attention.

company newsletter template

6. Food Delivery

Choose this layout to offer a discount coupon for Super Bowl evenings, or other major matches or broadcast events. Take advantage of the space provided and add a close-up photo of a mouthwatering dish. Add a discount coupon. Feature other dishes, desserts, or sodas.

If you have a blog with nutrition facts about food, food habits around the world, or interesting food facts, you can display a popular post at the end of the email.

Remember to include your social media follow buttons at the bottom of the page. And play by the rules: your one-click unsubscribe link goes right below that section!

food newsletter template

Which one is your favorite template? Get started on Moosend’s Campaign Editor right away!