E-mojo: Moosend Spices Up Your Subject Lines With A Click!

E-mojo: Moosend Spices Up Your Subject Lines With A Click!

Published By Sophie Krokida
September 5, 2019

Still adding emojis in your subject lines manually? Oh please, so 2018!

Say hello to the future and Moosend’s amazing little tool that will save you time and effort.

Or your lucky e-mojo as I like to call it. And not to be Captain Bragging here, but there’s nothing quite like it in the email marketing business.

What is e-mojo?

E-mojo is the smile in your subject line. The “hey, this email caught my eye” in your customer’s inbox. The…ok ok you get it.

Free and clever as a fox, e-mojo is a tool provided exclusively by Moosend that picks the right emoji for your subject line so you don’t spend time doing it by yourself.

This way, you save time AND boost your open rates. Talk about some serious mojo here!

How does e-mojo work?

Simpler than simple, e-mojo only needs your click. Simply type your subject line in the subject line field and click the check symbol on your right.

Moosend will analyze your sentence and add the appropriate emoji on the spot!

By using this little element of science you will get a bright addition for your subject lines and increase clicks.

The science behind e-mojo

In order to crack the perfect emoji code, we use the power of machine learning.

To speak some science here, we train our model to learn all the emojis and words they come across with from our dataset. Then we transform our emojis into vectors with their relevant weights.

And e-mojo is ready for predictions!

It takes your subject line and vectorizes it, assigning the weights that generate through the learning process to the vector. After that, it takes the vector that we generate from your subject line compares it with all the emoji vectors, and finds the most similar ones. In that way, e-mojo understands the subject line and finds the most suitable emoji for your subject line.

In other words, e-mojo translates your words into images and then picks the one more suitable for your subject line. Ta-dah!

Why you’re gonna love it

Just check your own inbox. It’s obvious that no business can resist the emoji charm. And it’s not only because they are cute. (Which they are.) They also come with some serious benefits for your email campaigns.

Emojis help your newsletters stand out in a crowded inbox and get you closer to that much-wanted click. They add a splash of humor and catch your recipient’s attention faster.

Whatsmore, emojis make your subject lines more human. Because they convey emotions that make your customers connect with you in a more direct way than others.

Adding to that, emojis are the perfect path to your younger recipient’s ❤️. So if your business is targeting Gen Z, then it’s the emoji way or the highway.

Last but not least, emojis can convey more information in fewer characters. With subject lines struggling to squeeze in the essence of your message in 5 words, emojis are the “one picture worth a thousand words” in your sentence.


Subject lines have extreme power. Make the best out of them without lifting a finger. Or, actually, just by lifting one finger.

Put e-mojo into your email marketing life and create irresistible subject lines that stand out of your recipient’s inbox, with the right emoji. Picked by us. Before you even have time to take a sip of your coffee. Cheers! ☕

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