Announcing: Focus On The Data That Matters Most With Custom Reports

Announcing: Focus On The Data That Matters Most With Custom Reports

Published By Sophie Krokida
April 16, 2021

You don’t need to tell us. At Moosend we understand that every business has different goals and needs. And with a plethora of data available, tracking and analyzing can be a time-consuming process that doesn’t help you focus on your goals.

Moosend comes with a great set of standard reports. But we get it. Sometimes it’s difficult to get all the information you need, on the spot. Especially when you have a big team.

So you need to be able to monitor specific campaign metrics and access fast the insights you need to achieve your objectives.

That’s why we created Custom Reports!

Why Custom Reports

For those who want to monitor specific data, and for those who belong to big teams where each one wants to track different metrics, custom reports are extremely useful. Because they help you cut through the noise and only focus on what really matters to you.

Custom reports are reports that you create according to your preferences. This means that you choose the metrics and decide how they should be displayed on your Reports page. To create one, all you have to do is choose the widgets of specific information you wish to display and create your report from scratch.

With our new feature, you can choose from over 40 widgets to get the insights you need in seconds.

You can find the complete reporting abracadabra in our revamped Reports tab, where you can now see reports for all kinds of campaigns (regular, automated, repeatable) as well as search and filter them according to your needs.

There’s a whole new world of insights waiting for you! Dive into any metrics concerning your campaigns, email lists, customers, landing pages and more, without getting lost in confusing data.

Making custom reports work for you

“Why is this new feature super-amazing”, you may be wondering.

The answer varies depending on your goals:

If you are a blogger promoting your content with email campaigns…

…then I guess you will want to understand how subscribers respond to your content. Does your audience enjoy getting your emails? Do they find them informational and useful or maybe… ‘spammy’?  Do you really connect with them?

To determine the success of your efforts to date, and improve your results, you need a solid report that tracks everything that matters, such as your open rate so you can invest in subject lines, the click rate to see how engaging your content actually is and the sources from which the members subscribed over time so you can optimize your newsletter accordingly.

And your custom report could look like this:

custom report 2

If you are an agency creating various email campaigns…

…then I bet you want a fast, concrete take on how your campaigns perform. It’s important to pin down your best-performing campaigns over time according to factors such as opens, clicks, and the day and time that subscribers enjoy receiving newsletters more.

Reaching each brand’s target audience right in their inboxes, and helping your clients earn their business an incredible ROI is easier when all the right information is gathered in one place.

Like this custom report here:

If you are an e-store owner promoting your products through newsletters…

…then you need to be able to sell easier, with the help of the right data. And by that, we mean everything you need to know about your store’s performance.  From your top product to your returning customers and the average value of all items purchased at any given time.

So how about a custom report with all the metrics that make the biggest impact on your eCommerce venture, in one glance?

Sky’s the limit with custom reports! Make the most of them by using them for all your different marketing goals.

Customizing your reports

Once you have chosen all the metrics that matter to the specific report, you can make a few more adjustments to define the exact look of it. With a simple click, you can delete or add new widgets to transform your report while you can also duplicate or share it by making it public.

You can also:

  • Switch places between widgets with a simple drag and drop
  • Adjust the space each widget occupies by clicking the corresponding number of columns
  • Set what specific dates you want to see results for
  • Select which specific campaigns’ metrics you want to see the results for. You can do that for all the widgets showing, or by selecting a specific campaign for one or more widgets alone.
  • Save as template
  • Load a template you’re already created and add it to your current report

Report completed

I know, I know. This feature sounds like an early (very early) Christmas present. What can I say? We love helping you improve your marketing efforts.

If you’re looking to focus on specific metrics and cut through the noise, clarify complex issues, make better decisions, and save time, then Custom Reports are your next game-changer.

Available for Enterprise plans, our new feature is a dream come true!

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