Repeat Purchase Reminder

The repeat purchases reminder recipe is a special automated workflow that is best suited for companies which follow a recurring revenue business model.

Use this pre-made marketing automation to remind users to place a recurring order, pay their subscription or replenish products. It can help any B2B or B2C product or service business remind their customers not to miss a recurring order date.

With this automation tool in place, you will help your subscribers refill their stash, replenish their stock, top-up their account or renew their monthly subscription manually.

Does your product come with an expiry date? Do you sell annual contracts? Use this recipe to make sure your customers are reminded in due time.

In order for this automation to work on autopilot, you first need to choose a custom date field. You can practically assign any milestone to the custom field, e.g. order date.

Then the automated workflow will check whether a certain number of days have passed from your customer’s last order, and it will send them a reminder email at the right date.

The campaign can also be personalized to incorporate their name, product preference or other important data.

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