What is Mobile Deep Linking and how will it affect your Email marketing strategy?

What is Mobile Deep Linking and how will it affect your Email marketing strategy

The Web as we know it works on the technology of HTTP and URL (E.g. The URL of moosend’s register page is https://identity.moosend.com/register/) . Evidently, the combination of the two allow for deep linking by default.

What is Mobile Deep Linking?
Deep linking on mobile apps is a rather complex story as it requires these apps be configured to properly handle a uniform resource identifier (URI).Just like a URL is an address for a website, a URI is the address for an app on a mobile device. Examples of URIs that launch a mobile app:
twitter:// is the iOS URI to launch twitter’s mobile app
YouTube:// is the iOS URI to launch YouTube’s mobile app

The format of the URI used to trigger or deep link an app is often different depending on the mobile operating system. Android devices works through intents, iOS devices works through the openUrl application method, and Windows Phone 8 devices works through the UriMapper class.Examples of URIs that deep link directly into a mobile app:
eBay://launch?itm=360703170135 is the URI that deep links into eBay’s iOS mobile app
eBay://item/view?id=360703170135 is the URI that deep links into eBay’s Android mobile app

It is evident that the major issue in Mobile Deep Linking is that there is no streamlined solution. This causes a confusing user experience because different sets of links are required to access the same app on a different mobile operating system.

But why do deeplinks matter?

When an app is enabled with deeplinks, the content in that app is linkable from other apps on the smartphone. This means that apps can communicate with each other, very similar to how the desktop web is built.

Proposed solutions and the AppLinks platform. However, there have been many individual efforts trying to solve the streamlined problem of Mobile Deep Linking such as URX .The most recent is Facebook with their announcement of AppLinks. Seeing that the protocol is already backed by Facebook, Pinterest, Hulu, Dropbox and many others we believe that it will become the industry standard very soon. Our thoughts are that this will be a change similar to the embedded “Like” button we see everywhere today. And that is a HUGE opportunity.

Why Mobile Deep Linking will affect my Email Marketing Strategy?

Here at Moosend we love crunching numbers. And these numbers show that over 50% receive and read our emails on a smartphone. With the help of a streamlined solution likeAppLinks your email campaign can now focus on app-downloads, in-app links, in-app triggers and/or mobile-only content, bypassing the need of a browser redirect. This behavior will be friendlier to the end reader as it is quicker, streamlined and hassle-free thus leading to better email conversions.

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