These 2 shiny new editor features will make your day

This is crazy, right?

More features in only 2 days! That’s life with Moosend folks!

So, what’s new this time?

Oh, well, nothing important.

Only 2 new editor features to elevate your email marketing strategies.


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Conditional Blocks

How many times have you wished you could show unique content to your subscribers depending on their unique profiles?

Well, Moosend at your service once again!

Say hello to our magical, conditional blocks that let you insert dynamic content into your email marketing campaigns.

Let’s say that you want to send an eCommerce campaign with an image showing your new collection. You can use an image that includes both men’s and women’s garments.
You can use 2 images, each containing two different garments.

OR, you can create multiple versions of your content and create a conditional block that will let you display unique content, adjusted to your subscribers’ data.

To make a block conditional, just click on its settings and set your Conditional Visibility settings.

It’s really that simple!

Fallback Values

You’ve seen this embarrassing email personalization before:

Hi, <<first name>>!

And now you can forget it.

Because Moosend cares for your brand’s dignity.

And proudly presents fallback values, that let you insert a default value when using personalization variables.

This means that, if the specific field is empty for one of your subscribers, the fallback will be automatically inserted.

If, for example, the name data doesn’t exist, it will be replaced with the alternate text you have chosen.

How about Hi, gorgeous! 

Oh, and you can add them to any part of your email!

That’s all (for today)

We keep working hard for meeting your evolving needs. And we love getting your feedback.

So how about heading to your account to try all our shiny new features yourself?

We promise they are as easy to use as everything else on our platform 😉

  • Kristian says:

    Wow, really? I guess so…amazing, thank you!

    Now the conditional logic brought the following to my mind:
    Would it be possible to create a newsletter template, with blocks in it. When opened, these blocks would then automatically fill up (or be removed) if the conditions were met.

    For example, I could have created a template with a big block in at the top of the newsletter. It would automatically fetch the latest blog post from our blog, filling up the image space with the featured image. If there were no new blog posts since the last letter, the block would vanish.

    I could also have two smaller boxes under the big one that would be filled from a custom RSS feed. If the selected posts weren’t what I was looking for, I could select something else from the custom RSS feed to be placed in the block.

    Would save up so much time! If Moosend would be integrated with ContentStudio, the content curation and custom RSS feeds could be fetched from there.

    Thanks for all these features, really enjoying them!