Generative AI: Introducing Moosend’s Bewitching New Feature

Generative AI: Introducing Moosend’s Bewitching New Feature

Published By Tea Liarokapi
December 6, 2023

When you think of Generative AI*, what is the first thing that comes to mind?

If “creation” is your answer, then keep on reading.

Moosend’s Generative AI is here with the ability to create new content based on prompts, enhancements that improve your content, and spot-on adjustments.

But let’s start at the beginning.

Some years ago, we saw automation rise up as the up-and-coming email marketing methodology. Then came segmentation and hyper-personalization. Then came machine learning.

And now Moosend decided to take it a step further with Generative AI.

What is Moosend’s Generative AI?

Moosend’s Generative AI is the accumulation of all of our email marketing and marketing automation knowledge into one simple, well-oiled machine that can create, curate, and boost your metrics for you.

Does this mean that you, as a marketer, are irrelevant? No, of course not. Generative AI creates content through prompts and enhancements, like newsletter type, content type, and tone.

Even if you’re not sure about what you want to create, but you have a keyword or two in mind, Generative AI can help you deliver spot-on content directed right to each recipient with laser-targeted accuracy.

Will this boost your metrics and make you super relevant? Sure.

Will you get better open and click-through rates because Generative AI gathers knowledge and data, combines information, and delivers targeted results? Of course.

But apart from boosting your metrics and delivering smart content, how can this tool become your right-hand man? Let’s see.

Subject Lines For Days

A great subject line and a spot-on preview text is half the job done, as it can skyrocket open rates by more than 20% in some cases. Up until now, we had A/B testing. But how about we A/B test the creative efforts of a machine with a hands-on approach?

Here’s where you, as a marketer, are essential. Click on the AI icon and specify the type of email you’re about to send, along with the preferred keywords and whether you’d like an emoji or not. Regenerate as many times as you’d like and enter the creative process again and again, use enhancements like content type and improvements in writing, spelling, and length – the possibilities are endless!

When you think you’ve nailed it, A/B testing comes next to enhance your efforts with our trusted feature. Boost your open rates at the click of a button.

Your Content Ideas, Realized

Moosend’s Generative AI can help you turn your creative concepts into tangible campaigns with actionable content that will lead users from point A to point B.

Your content ideas can transform targeted, spot-on messages at the flick of a wand – or a click of a button. Enter your idea in the AI writer and watch it become a captivating narrative.

But what happens when your idea is as general as a newsletter type, a keyword, and a tone of voice? Moosend’s Generative AI can turn that information into engaging email marketing copy, narrowing down the content types for you, and enhancing your experience with smart writing suggestions.

Generative AI leverages artificial intelligence to bridge the gap between your creativity and an idea’s marketing potential, transforming originality into better CTR and boosting the metrics that matter.

Bewitching Audiences, One Action At A Time

Moosend’s Generative AI can do more than just produce content for your email marketing campaigns. Through lead generation materials like landing pages and subscription forms, and up to your favorite email marketing content, our new feature can produce real results that matter.

From saving you time and energy and allowing you to focus on complex problems to creating messages that can speak right to the heart of your audience, Moosend’s Generative AI can create better metrics from simple prompts.

Just find the perfect prompt, sign up for a Moosend free 30-day trial, and let our brand-new tool do the work for you. Oh, and stay tuned for more.

Until next tAIm!


*Feature is available in Beta form and subject to pricing changes