5 Exclusive Tips To Manage Your Audience Like A Pro With Moosend

5 Exclusive Tips To Manage Your Audience Like A Pro With Moosend

Published By Sophie Krokida
December 6, 2023

If you could ask the business genie for one wish, what would that be?

To give you a tool that will help you stay connected with your audience while strengthening your marketing strategy, I guess. (Reading minds is just another service I offer.)

Well, we ain’t no genies, but with our latest members revamp we are getting there.

Don’t believe us? Check out how these new features can change the way you manage your business and CRM, all with one tool.

1. Stay CAN-SPAM Compliant With Suppression List

Let me guess. You’ve already checked our jaw-dropping landing page examples, and you’re ready to jump on the high conversions bandwagon. I’m happy for you! But you know what else can help you grow your email list fast, and effectively?

The suppression list!

Email suppression lists are essential for ensuring honor opt-outs and reaching the right people with your newsletters.

If any of your contacts unsubscribe, their email will be put on the suppression list and they won’t be receiving any further emails, helping you protect your sending reputation. And once an email address is put on the suppression list, it can’t be accidentally imported or added to another email list.

But there’s more to suppression lists than unsubscribed email addresses.

Email lists aren’t great for organizing who you want to receive your emails but also who you want to exclude from specific campaigns. For example, if you send regularly a lead nurturing email campaign, you might want to block a subscriber from receiving it once they become an opportunity. Or you might want to separate your prospects’ and clients’ emails.

Just add them to the suppression list!

2. Customize Your Opt-in Message

Double opt-in, the confirmed process for users to opt-in to receive communication from a company, is a strategy that helps brands cut down on spam, and shows a higher level of dedication and interest. But sometimes it takes more time to collect a double opt-in mailing list.

So how do you improve your double opt-in rate?

By optimizing your “nearly there” email!

Confirmation emails don’t need to be mechanical and unloving. You can make them as professional and friendly as you like, conveying your brand philosophy.

With Moosend you can optimize your double opt-in message through our rich-text editor to create plain text emails with HTML formatting capabilities, add links, and style your message just the way you want to increase conversions.

And the best part is that you can make any changes you want by opening the Moosend editor straight from your mailing list options!

3. Target Specific Audiences With Tags

Let’s say that you’ve pinned down the best time to send your promotional emails.

And know you want to ensure that the right content will be delivered to the right people.

The best way to do so is by sending targeted emails with contextual content to specific subscribers.


By applying specific tags to your subscribers!

Let’s say you are a book blogger planning to do a special webinar on female authors.

When you create your sign-up form, make sure you apply to all your recipients the tag “female-authors”. Then, if you want to add these subscribers to another email list, your monthly updates, for example, you will know who is interested in female literature so you can also send targeted newsletters with information like new releases in women’s fiction, interviews with female authors, and more.

All you have to do is search for subscribers with the tag “female-authors” straight from the email list you created for your webinar.

Sounds cool? That’s because tags are cool!

They help you identify important details about subscribers and:

  • Get feedback about content that resonates with your audience
  • Create more customized newsletter campaigns
  • Send more engaging and effective emails that your subscribers will appreciate

4. Faster, More Targeted Campaigns With Templated Segments

Email segmentation is miraculous. It helps you build trust and focus on sending emails aimed to convert your readers into paying customers.

But this doesn’t mean that a segment of your list is only suitable for a single campaign. You can use your segments again and again, without going over the process of creating them, simply by saving them as templates.

Let’s say you’re doing a webinar and you’re sending out the invitation to 5 different email lists with subscribers.

And all the registrants go to a completely new email list, named No6, and then you want to send a follow-up campaign, only to those who haven’t registered yet. To do that all you need is to create a segment fetching only the subscribers that aren’t on the list No6, and apply it to all your 5 email lists you’ve used in the beginning. So no need to create the same segment from scratch for all these lists. You can now simply save it as a template and add it to all the lists you’ll use for your follow-up email.

You have no idea how much time you’ll save with this little feature!

5. Manage Your Subscribers Individually Within Workflows

Normally, only new subscribers are triggered once an automation workflow is active.

But, things change.

So let’s say you are an e-store owner and you’ve created a newsletter sequence with seasonal offers that only your newly-joined members receive. And now you want to add to this sequence a subscriber that already exists in your email lists. Does this sound tricky to you?

Actually, it’s easy as pie!

Simply select the subscriber you wish to add to your automation through a specific mailing list, and from the list of actions select the “Trigger an automation” one. Select the automation you want and you’re done!

Your Wishes Are Granted

Now you know which is your go-to tool for creating targeted campaigns and managing your audience with your eyes closed. What you might not know is that there’s a whole slew of other powerful features created to make your life easier and help you focus on more important things while your marketing works on autopilot.

Check them out straight from your account, or join Moosend to discover all these wonderful things that your marketing efforts are missing!

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