Data Storage at Moosend

The security of your customers' data is a top priority for us. We use a series of measures to keep your data safe and prevent unauthorised access.

Data Protection Measures

Although we cannot expose all the details of our data protection measures, you can safely assume that:

Encrypted backups are regularly off-site

Access to all our physical locations is restricted to employees of the company and monitored 24/7 through CCTV.

– Only a very small subset of employees have access to your customers’ data (mainly for support reasons) where deemed absolutely necessary.

– All employees have signed NDAs and have taken mandatory security awareness training.

Data Center Security

Our data centers are audited regularly by EY, EY CertifyPoint and ComSec Consulting to achieve ISO 27001, PCI DSS, SOC 1, HIPAA and NEN 7510 reports/certifications which assure you that our infrastructure, data handling and security meet industry-leading standards.

Our Data Centers are exclusively EU-based

Under the GDPR, all businesses storing European citizens’ data must do so within Europe, in order to comply.

As our users already know, under no circumstances do we, at Moosend, share data with third parties. For the sole purpose of carrying out our business, we share the minimum amount of data required, with our partners. All third parties we do business with have been scrutinized for GDPR compliance.

These companies hold all the necessary certifications and standards to safeguard data privacy for our users. Some of these companies are Google Analytics, Slack, and so on.

Moosend, your Certified Partner

Moosend is a proud holder of the highest security standards in the industry.

The ISO-27001 certification serves as a safeguard that Moosend keeps users’ personal data secure. 

At the same time, all of your transactions and payment data in our platform are secured. We are a PCI-compliant merchant and audited frequently from 3rd party organisations. 

Moosend Privacy Policy

We’re transparent about our approach to privacy and security. We have thoroughly explained all of our practices around your data in our privacy policy.

Have a read to understand what sort of data we collect about you, what we do with this information and how we handle your customers’ data. In a gist, we don’t share data about your customers with any third party.

Voice a Concern

If you have a data privacy-related question, you should address it to our DPO.

What is a DPO?

Appointing a person to oversee all data-protection related procedures is key to achieving GDPR compliance.

Reach out to our DPO through the form below.