Announcing: Boost Your Sales × 4 With More Segments

Who doesn’t love a super-relevant email marketing campaign? For those of you looking to empower your campaigns, we’ve got some great news to share: new segmentation criteria are now here for your pleasure!

What’s new

You already know how Moosend’s powerful list segmentation lets you dig into the details and focus your campaign on the audience that creates the most impact.

To further improve the efficiency of your email marketing campaigns we created 4 new segmentation criteria:

  • Order total
  • Total spent
  • Average spent per order
  • Purchased product price

Let’s see what this means for your marketing campaigns!

New segmentation criteria explained

Dive into these 4 fresh from the oven segments based on what you know about your subscribers for extra tailored email marketing.

Order total

Looking to send a campaign specifically to the big spenders so they visit your e-store once more? Or maybe a campaign for those who could spend a little more?

Gather all subscribers whose order is more or less than a set sum of money to plan your next effective campaign!

Total spent

Is your new ice cream machine a favorite among your customers? Use this segmentation criteria to find out how many people spend a set sum of money for a specific product and create your next campaign based on your most popular products.

Average spent per order


Good customers deserve some extra love from you.  Others could use a little nudge to help increase your average customer spend. To determine which customers are more valuable to your business and which are still a little hesitant segment them based on the cost of the products they purchase!

Purchased product price

Who should receive a newsletter for your high-priced items? And who needs a more affordable set of products? Gather all your subscribers that make big or small purchases to target them with the right campaign.

Try them now!

Your e-store deserves the best. So get your hands on these sweet segmentation criteria to skyrocket your sales with zero effort, today! Not in the Moosend family yet? Create your free account in mere minutes!

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