Announcing: Manage User Levels with Team Members

team members

Announcing: Manage User Levels with Team Members

Providing all company employees the same access to your Moosend account is not a good idea, right?

Then say hello to our brand new feature, Team Members!

Team Members allows you to choose the level of access you want to grant each user so you can control what information the different users on your account can see and edit.

To give your team members the roles you wish, just head to your Moosend account settings and click on the corresponding tab.

There are 6 different Team Member roles:

  • Admin

Admins can do everything, everywhere. Duh!

  • Admin Observer

Admin Observers can view everything everywhere, but they can’t save any changes.

  • Manager

Managers have full permissions for the specific account you added them to.

  • Viewer

Viewers’ permissions are only given for a specific account. They can’t save any changes and have no access to Account or Billing

  • Gdpr Viewer

A Viewer, who can’t see any subscriber personal data.

  • Designer

A Viewer, who can also save inside the Campaigns and Landing Pages designer.

We know you’ll love it!

Team Members was created to offer Moosend-ers maximum flexibility and control over their accounts. Start making the most of it today, by visiting your account and getting those roles distributed!

Still not a part of the amazing powerful Moosend world? Sign up for an account today!