How Casper Marketing Saved a Sleepy Industry (With Landing Pages)

Are you in awe of how Casper marketing is taking over your dreams?

casper landing pages case study

Well, dear reader, I have a confession to make.

You are not alone.

I am deeply in love with Casper.

Yes, the leaders in the mattress industry.

The only other time I’ve actually fallen in love with a sleep vehicle was back when I was 7, watching Kelly LeBrock lie on a water bed.

I still want a water bed for that matter.

Soooo, back to Casper.

I don’t know what it is with their brand that makes me feel like one mattress in my bed and my whole life would change, but I can’t help craving after a blue-white striped rectangular box to arrive at my door.

But then again, I’m not the only one, I guess.

Casper is one of the most popular and marketable bed-in-a-box companies.

Because Casper marketing with it’s fresh approach toward both content and commerce has catapulted its brand forward.

Being in the industry since 2014, they have managed to turn themselves into a major force in the mattress space and disrupt the market.

How? With the help of an amazing concept translated into a bunch of amazing landing pages.

casper landing pages

The Challenge

This is an e world.

According to Statista, it was estimated that there would be 1.92 billion global digital buyers in 2019.

It doesn’t take effort to understand that if you want to make it as a retailer you need to market your products online.

Chances are, marketers out there already knew this little secret back in 2014.

But they just couldn’t get their heads around this brainteaser.

Because it’s only normal that when if you want to buy a mattress you just walk into a mattress store and lie on it.

I mean, who would ever think about developing an exclusively eCommerce mattress business?

On the other hand, though, does it really make sense to buy a mattress that you’re going to spend a third of your life on after trying it for a few minutes?

Did you just say no?

We have a winner ladies and gents!

The Solution

This is where Casper comes in, bringing the coolest, risk-free idea.

Deliver the mattress directly to customers’ doors and let them try their mattress out for themselves for 100 days.

And if they are not satisfied with it they can return it for free and get a full refund.

Genius, right?

Only, how do you garner trust and build the necessary authority to position your brand as an expert in your field?

With good marketing.

casper landing page example


Basically, Casper is proof that even the craziest idea can be transformed into a landing page that drives success and sales.

Even if you are not a designer.

Or have no coding skills for that matter.

Creating a landing page today is both essential and simple.

Moosend landing pages, for example, make it a child’s play to make your marketing dreams come true.

Actually, it IS a child’s play since all you got to do is move around any element you want to add on your landing page with the art of drag & drop.

Just like the building blocks we used to play with back in the day.

Give it a go!

But not now.

Now you can sleep on it.

Because we’re talking about the Casper marketing success.

Where were we? Ah, yes!

Blind as a bat as I may be without my glasses, I could still make out a Casper landing page in the dark.

Because they are unique. They jump out, both aesthetic and copy wise and have established their very own style.

casper marketing landing page example


Clear, concise, bullet-point copy that makes it easy to read and lists the benefits, strong headlines, high-quality, homey-feel images, testimonials both by big brands and customers and a CTA button you can’t miss.

It doesn’t take ground-breaking design to push a landing page to the next level.

All it takes is a clear look that will communicate the brand’s central value position with a number of powerful elements.

The Results

What happened was this: in only 5 years, Casper managed to disrupt a $15 billion mattress industry and go from an unknown startup to a household name.

It has grown from a handful of employees to more than 300 in offices in the US, UK, Germany, and Canada.

And its product line has expanded from one product to various mattresses, sheets, pillows, and other accessories.

Yes, they even make dog beds and yes, I want one of these too.

Among others, they sell their products on Amazon and Target and they have also opened more than 20 brick-and-mortar stores.

Their sales last year topped $400 million.

Today, the company is valued at $750 million and serves more than 1 million customers in 8 countries.

The Upshot

And here we are. The “online mattress shopping” code is finally cracked and there’s a handful of similar companies out there today to prove it.

Casper marketing actually disrupted the sleep industry and gained a strong, and profitable, reputation, leading the way for sweet eCommerce dreams to come true.

And part of its success it owes to its unique landing pages.

They knew the mattress industry was terrible.

And they knew that a brand, in order to be successful today, must sell not products but a lifestyle.

And decided to breathe life into Casper through instantly recognizable advertisements and a clearly-defined brand voice.

Wrap Up

I knew it. I was sure that by the end of this Casper marketing case study you’d be impatient to create your very own landing page.

That’s why Moosend is here! Just like Casper marketing, your marketing can make the difference too, by creating unique landing pages.

We even got some crazy good-looking templates for you!

This is not a drill

Get down to business. And tell me how it goes!

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