Conversion x15: Landing Page Templates Fresh From The Oven

moosend landing page templates

Conversion x15: Landing Page Templates Fresh From The Oven

We tried to stop him. We did our best to convince him that it has been a crazy-creative month here at Moosend and he should take a rest.

But oh no, our designer wouldn’t have any of it. He just kept on creating.

Until he came up with 15 premium landing page templates for your business.

moosend landing page templates

Dare to be exceptional

We are thrilled to announce that there are now more brand new landing page templates available for you to customize like crazy!

Fresh, beautiful, and professional, they help you keep everything in the right order while highlighting the quality of your brand and the amazingness of your web presence.

Whether you need them for building your brand, promoting your ebook, driving traffic to your e-shop, or generating leads for your webinar, you are bound to find the ideal template.

Because we’ve distilled everything we know about conversion into our ready-to-use templates. And each one of them has been carefully designed to make your brand stand out online.

So, if you are short on time, or have little experience in design, go for our premium, pre-designed templates to launch a sharp landing page in a short amount of time. And hey, if you want truly spectacular results you know what to do. Landing page optimization of course!

Brand them your way

moosend landing page templates gif

Are you a DIY marketer? Do you need a landing page for your personal website? Do you own a small or local business?

Then our premade templates are a great resource for you to have in your marketing arsenal!

And hey, they may be our templates but you make the rules!

Our flexible editor lets you match your brand to any landing page you want to create. Choose your colors, images, background. Add your fonts, text, logo. Customize everything with a drag, drop and click.

And we’re talking 100% mobile-friendly landing pages that work effortlessly on any device.

Can it get any easier? (no!)

The only thing we don’t offer is spectacular copy for your very own landing page. And we all know how important that is. Fortunately, our guide for high-converting landing page copy will help you get there pronto 😉

Go go go

Can’t wait to get your hands on them? No worries, they are all now available and ready to be customized to no end.

All you have to do is head to our editor and open the gates of templates heaven, no coding experience is needed. (duh!) Sign up for a free account today and grow the number of downloads and conversions with our contemporary, responsive templates to offer your users a first-class experience they won’t resist!