Best WordPress Plugins To Take Your Website To The Moon in 2022

You’ve decided to start your own website whether it is a personal blog or an e-commerce store our list of the Best WordPress Plugins will help you skyrocket the experience of your visitors (and make managing your website feel like a breeze).

And you know what’s cool? The by-product of user-friendly websites is more visitors!

Although, user-experience does not guarantee that you will receive a lot of traction it is one of the factors that ultimately affect the ranking of your website on search engines such as Google and Bing.

RankBrain is Google’s AI-powered search results sorting algorithm and according to Brian Dean from Backlinko, this algorithm takes into consideration how people interact with your website.

Now let’s take a closer look at the Best WordPress Plugins that you can use on pretty much any type of website you might have or want to build.

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Best WordPress Plugins for Lead Generation

Lead generation is a set of actions used by businesses to identify potential customers that are likely to have a particular interest in their products.

Although the sole purpose of it isn’t to only find sales leads.

Lead generation methods can also be used for list building, and whether you have an eCommerce store or a blog, building an email list is one of the things you should be doing right from the start.

Luckily for you, there are literally dozens of plugins that will allow you to capture those valuable leads.

1. Moosend Subscription Forms for WordPress + Tracking

best wordpress plugins

Our own subscription form plugin allows you to create awesome-looking forms for your visitors in less than a minute. And if you have a Moosend Account you are able to link the subscription form to your mailing list with the press of a button(which is cool right?).

Make sure to register to our email marketing platform first, before trying out our WordPress Plugin. You are able to place the sign-up form pretty much anywhere you like.

Making it easy for you to implement it in the design of your website as well as design it directly through WordPress in order to align with the feel of your brand.

Besides the static sign-up form, you can also create awesome pop-ups with it that trigger when a visitor enters your website or when they try to leave.  And If you run an eCommerce store I highly suggest you add those exit popups, as they will increase your conversions.

Tip: When using pop-ups try to offer an incentive to the user, either a discount coupon or a freebie.

In addition to this plugin, we have another one that allows you to track users’ actions on your website and send out super targeted emails to them based on what they have been seeing.

The tracking comes really handy when you have an eCommerce store and you want to capture those potential customers that either abandoned their carts or send out thank you for your purchase emails.

If you need any help with installing/configuring our plugins make sure to pop into our live chat and our awesome customer support will be there to get you up and running!

2. Sumo – List Builder 3

sumopage 1

Sumo is just one of those plugins that everyone says you must have on your WordPress website. And to be honest I cannot argue with that.

For someone that doesn’t know(or lives under a rock), Sumo is a collection of website tools to exponentially grow your website to become one of your strongest marketing tools.

The tool you should be looking out for is called List Builder 3.

List Builder is a well-rounded pop-up tool that comes prepacked with a ton of features such as A/B Testing and a really user-friendly drag and drop editor to design your pop-up effortlessly.

In terms of pricing, Sumo offers a plan for pretty much any type of website, whether you have a blog or even a SaaS Company they got you covered.

And if you are just starting out or want to build a side project they have a completely Free Plan which lasts forever. Although this is great for beginners there are some limitations mainly as to how many subscribers you can have on your list.

The more you A/B test and iterate your pop-ups the faster you will be able to build your email list and as they say “The Money Is In The List”.

Below you can take a look at all of the available pricing plans.

sumopricing 1

3. Wisepops


Wisepops is an alternative to Sumo if you are looking for a stand-alone popup builder.

Some of the features that make Wisepops a great alternative is their easy-to-use drag-and-drop popup editor where you can customize every aspect of the plugin(font, size, colors) or even insert your own HTML code.

And if you are one of those people that do not want to get messy when you create your pop-ups, what’s better than to use their premade templates.

You can choose from 30 highly converting pop-ups that have been “field-tested” by their experts.

In addition, Wisepops offers what you would expect from a traditional pop-up plugin.

This includes the ability to display the plugin on exit, click and/or landing as well as control when/where to display for example either on your homepage or your shopping cart.

One feature that you aren’t seeing on traditional pop-up plugins is the ability to do highly advanced targeting based on device, language, location, and many more.

This feature accompanied by their highly analytical stats dashboard will allow you to skyrocket your conversions!

So far so good now let’s talk about pricing plans, unfortunately, Wisepops does not have a Free version all though you can try their plugin for 14 days.

Then you will have to pay $49/month for the basic version and $199/month for their most sophisticated one.

Looks pricey but the intel and stats you will acquire will be worth it!


4. Hello Bar


Hello Bar allows you to smoothly insert a bar at either the top or bottom of your page.

Through this bar, you can either prompt the user to sign up to your email list or guide them to a specific page of your website.

Hello, Bar offers a great and intuitive user interface accompanied by a visual editor where you can edit the design aspects of your hello bar.

You might wonder why should I use this when I already have a pop-up plugin installed.

The answer is really simple, with the use of a hello bar you interfere less with the experience of your visitors.

This can have a huge impact on how your visitors engage with your content, and if they spend more time on your website it is more likely that they will follow your call to action(Hint: signing up to your email list).

Pricing-wise Hello Bar is not cheap at $29/month for the Growth Plan and $99/month for the Enterprise Plan.

Although their Free Plan offers a great starting package to experiment with in order to determine whether it is a good fit for your website.

hellobar pricinh

While HelloBar is one of the best WordPress plugins, some other great alternatives to HelloBar are Sleeknote and Sumo Smart Bar.

5. weForms


weForms is not your typical “create a form” plugin. Creating forms will feel like a breeze, they’re fast and easy to use intuitive drag-and-drop edit accompanied by 30+ types of fields will allow you to build the form of your dreams.

And because all the plugin developers want to make your life much easier, this plugin comes prepacked with a range of form templates to choose from.

After creating your form you are able to insert it seamlessly anywhere on your blog using the provided shortcode(even inside your blog posts).

Another feature that make weForms unique is that you can use Conditional Logic within your forms, meaning that you can do a ton of cool stuff based on the user’s actions.

Additionally, their built-in spam protection and integration with various email marketing platforms, make weForms a top contender in the form game.

Pricing-wise weForm offers a free version with limited features, and plans ranging from $39 per year to up to $399.

weforms pricing

For the complete pricing, breakdown visit weForms pricing page.

Another notable form-building plugin that is dedicated to creating contact forms is Contact Form 7. It’s very easy to use and completely free to use and a great starting point for beginners.

Bonus Tools:


acquire live chat plugin

Imagine a situation where a user has requested product information by filling a form. It has been 3 days but he hasn’t got a reply.

In another scenario, the visitor has a posted inquiry on your social media page. in this case, too the customer service agent misses out on a potential sale.

This can happen when there is no centralized system to track incoming requests.

Talking about the solution, Acquire Live Chat plugin has all the features to deliver real-time customer support on every device which can influence lead generation. Users can integrate it with every free & premium WordPress themes. Apart from these, the plugin is compatible with IOS & Android.

Features You Can’t-Miss For Generating Leads & Boosting Conversion:

Chatbot support: Acquire a chatbot that can give answers to 80% of user queries & pass on qualified leads to the support team, This will help the team to shift focus on more complex tasks.

Live Chat: With real-time chat support, the issues will resolve quickly and chances of conversion will be higher.

Co-Browse: With co-browsing, users can approach the agent whenever they are stuck on filling up forms or any complex processes & the agent can support them in real-time with the sharing of web screen.

Setting up Triggers: The agent can use web analytics data & set up customized triggers on important pages (pricing) in order to capture leads.

Need more lead magnets for your website? Here are some extra email list building plugins for WordPress to help you scale your email marketing game.

Best WordPress Plugins for Social Media Exposure

Planning to go viral? Or even if you are only looking for some social media visibility you should know that there is a wealth of social media plugins for your WordPress site.

From creating tweetable text to displaying your social media feed to attracting more social engagement there is a plugin for every occasion.

Let’s have a look.

6. TweetDis


TweetDis is one of my favorite social media sharer plugins as it allows you to add tweetable quotes within the text of your content.

Making it super easy for your visitors to share your resource as they read it through.

And because social media are taking over as we speak, tapping into them to increase the traffic of your website doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

Besides text, you can also embed tweets made either from you or other people as well as images that your visitors can share with a click of a button.

In addition to that, you can also customize those to look more appealing to your visitors!

TweetDis does not offer a free version although its one-payoff pricing makes it highly desirable.

Take a look below for all the available licensing options they offer.

tweetdis pricing

Bonus: A free alternative is Click-To-Tweet you can easily create Twitter links and embed them on your content directly through their website or install the WordPress Plugin.

7. Sumo – Social Buttons

sumopage 1

As we mentioned before Sumo is a collection of tools, another tool they include is Social Buttons.

With this tool, you are able to add a social media share bar to your posts making it super easy for your readers to share your content into their favorite social media networks.

In addition to the share bar, you can enter social media buttons at the start/bottom of your article.

One really cool feature is the social shares counter where your readers can see how many shares your articles have per social media network.

The counter can really increase those shares as it shows to your readers that people actually talk about your stuff, making it more likely for them to share it.

Sumo pricing is the same therefore you can get two awesome features for your website for the price of one.

sumopricing 1

8. Buffer for WordPress


Buffer is one of the most popular Social Media Management Platform out there. It allows you to schedule your social media posts at your preferred time and network, through a super user-friendly interface.

The use of the Buffer to WordPress plugin allows you automatically add your published posts and pages to be scheduled for sharing on your designated social networks. (Attention: To Use Buffer for WordPress you are required to have a Buffer Account)

Making it super easy to manage your social shares directly through WordPress.

While the plugin does not offer this feature if you log in to Buffers’ platform you will be able to see analytics for your social media posts and monitor their performance.

Buffer offers two plans the Starter Plan and the Business Plan with different pricing tiers.

The Starter Plan has two tiers the Free version which is “free forever” but has some limitations as to how many posts you can schedule per day and the second one the Pro Plan valued at $15/month.

The Business Plan ranges from $99 per month to up to $399 which offers advanced analytics and the ability to schedule literally thousands of posts per social network account.

Additionally, SocialPilot is a great Buffer alternative, that helps you elevate your social media marketing on another level without spending too much!

buffer pricing

Bonus: Read this guide on how to effectively schedule tweets that maximize engagement by

Best WordPress Plugins for Search Engine Optimisation

Search engines account for the vast majority of online traffic in the past few years. Over 1.2 trillion searches are run on Google alone on an average year and this number is expected to increase significantly in the near future.

Search engine optimized content should really be at the top of your list to increase your website traffic. And hey! You don’t have to be an SEO expert.

WordPress comes with a series of plugins that help you optimize your content for search engines. Here are the best WordPress plugins for search engine optimization.

9. Yoast SEO

yoast seo

When WordPress Gurus talk about SEO, Yoast is bound to be among their topics of discussion, whether the new update messed things up or added some really cool new feature.

Yoast is your all-in-one search engine optimization assistant, in other words, it can save your bacon when it comes to ranking in the search engines.

Yoast has adopted a Freemium business model meaning that it has a Free Version that offers a limited range of features and a Premium version which includes all the available features.

As a beginner in the SEO field, the free version will provide you with sufficient insights to understand how to optimize your content for ranking.

Some of the features of Yoast are Keyword Optimisation, Google Snippet Preview, and Edit and Readability Checks.

With the google snippet editor, you can edit the SEO Title and Meta Description while it provides suggestions for appropriate length. This is a really handy feature if you do not follow Google’s search algorithm updates.

If you opt for the Premium Version additional perks become available such as Internal Linking Suggestions, Content Insight, and Focus Keyword and SEO Score Export will help you monitor your rankings.

In terms of pricing, the Premium version costs €79 for one website and offers free 24/7 support for up to one year.

yoast pricing

10. Redirection


Redirection is a simple yet powerful URL redirection management plugin that allows you to manage 301 redirects and monitor 404 errors.

Keeping track of your 301 and solving those sneaky 404 errors can have a tremendous impact on how your site ranks in the search engine. But why?

This is due to the search engines taking into account the experience the users have on your website and with the appropriate use of 301 redirects, you can handle the 404 errors without losing potential traffic.

Redirection is completely Free to use, so you do not have a reason not to use it!


11. Broken Link Checker

broken links

Broken Link Checker is an open-source plugin that allows you to scan your whole website and find broken links such as 404 errors and missing images.

It’s similar to the Redirection plugin 404 tracking feature, although here comes the game-changer you can set up email alerts and/or dashboard alerts so you never miss/forget these errors(cool right?).

Besides being notified of those errors you can also edit/fix those URLs and if you’ve got that particular URL in multiple places the change takes place in your whole website.

This is a free and open-source plugin!

12. Smush


Ever noticed that some website posts/pages that have a lot of images take longer to load?

This is one of the many reasons search engines might not like your website. What you can do about this is install a plugin like Smush.

Smush allows you to compress and optimize the images of your website resulting in faster loading times of those image-heavy articles you are writing.

You have the option to compress the image when you upload it to your WordPress media library or you can bulk compress up to 50 images from your library.

Another cool feature is the option to set a max width and length for your images and it’s time you upload an image those settings will be applied while the image is being compressed.

In terms of pricing, Smush comes as a Free and Premium plugin.

The premium plugin has additional features and services such as Lossless Compression, Restore Original and Auto-Smush which compresses all of the images on your website automatically.

The cost for the premium plugin is at $49/month.

You can always use the free trial which lasts for 30 days to figure out if it’s a good investment for your website.


Another similar plugin is Compress JPEG & PNG images.

13. All-in-One Schema Rich Snippets


If you’ve done some digging on SEO you probably have heard about Rich Snippets if not don’t worry here is a quick definition.

Imagine the typical Google search result but on steroids, in addition to the meta description and the title rich snippets also show an image(e.g of a product), rating, price and other attributes that are relevant in respect to what you are searching for.

With  All-in-One Schema Rich Snippets you can easily configure each attribute of the rich snippet on the post editing screen.

One of the most important benefits of rich snippets is that they increase your CTR or Click-Through-Rate, this signals the search engines that your content is actually good since people are clicking on it.

This can result in a significant rank and traffic boost.

There is a Free version and a Pro version. The Pro version comes with significantly more features such as the ability to add Display Rules and Advanced Schema Types.

It costs $79 per year or $249 for a lifetime license.

Schema Pro pricing model

Best WordPress Plugins for Content

WordPress is an editor’s best friend. The platform of choice between authors and bloggers to write their content.

But how easy is it to manage content writing at scale with WordPress?

Here are the best WordPress plugins currently available that help you manage your content writing more effectively.

14.TinyMCE Advanced


TinyMCE Advanced gives you the ability to customize the toolbar of the WordPress Visual Editor.

You can remove and re-arrange the buttons of the toolbar easily and make it feel like it’s your own personal toolbar while increasing your productivity.

Other cool features that come with installing this plugin provides you additional support when you create/insert tables to your posts, and my favorite feature so far you are able to do a search and replace through your WordPress editor.

This is a free and open-source plugin so make sure to give it a try!

15. Wordable


Wordable allows you to easily transfer your written pieces from Google Docs to WordPress with the press of a button.

No more copy+paste!

Wordable is suitable for content writers and bloggers that want to streamline that process and save a ton of time.

Besides exporting to WordPress Posts you can also export to Pages which might come in handy for some of you.

What makes this particular plugin really unique is that it also imports Images, Tables, and Headings into WordPress.

Some of the limitations of the plugin are that at this point in time it does not export H4, H5 and H6 headings and does not support other writing software such as Word.

The cost of it is $19 per month, however, if you pay annually you get a discounted price.

And if you value your time as most people do this might be a great investment. Make sure to take advantage of their 24-hour trial and see if it’s a great fit for your website.


16. WP Dashboard Notes

WP Dashboard Notes allows you to keep notes directly to the WordPress dashboard making it super easy to note down those awesome content ideas you have(or your grocery list).

The plugin comes prepacked with some really cool features such as the ability to color-code your notes to organize them even better as well as the ability to create public notes that will be shared with the rest of your team.

Attention: adding those colors might be a little tricky as you have to use a separate stylesheet

Adding your notes is super easy simply look for the Add note button at the admin bar and you are set.

A great use for this plugin is setting up pre-launch/post-launch to-do lists so your team knows exactly what they have to do each time you publish a blog post for example.

The plugin is completely free so you should definitely try it out and see it for yourself!

17. WP Auto-save

WP Autosave is just one of those plugins you regret not having installed from Day 1.

As the name suggests with this plugin your valuable posts that you create are being autosaved making sure that your content is always saved from unplanned internet connection or power outage problems.

The plugin allows you to set additional settings as to how the autosaves are being carried out. You can either set an autosave when the text changes within your editor or set a time interval(i.e 30secs).

Simple to use and most importantly complete free, so don’t make my mistake and not installing this!

Bonus Tool/s:


ze gluten wordpress plugin

Boost your website with a multipurpose ZeGuten plugin, available for any kind of website. This plugin is a real treasure for anyone working with Gutenberg.

You become able to structurize your content like a pro! Sections block provides you with parallax effect, custom image or gradient shapes, and video background.

You are also able to design flexible and responsive layouts with columns and vary their interface on multiple devices.

Visualize your relevant content and make it even better and easier to observe with progress circles.

Display the progress of your company and open-ended projects by applying a progress bar block.

With ZeGuten you can arrange posts into a listing, grid, masonry, or chess layout, create a posts carousel, showcase infographics, add banners and blurbs and use image, gradient, video or shape background.

WP Glossary

WordPress is more than just a CMS to publish blog posts. You can also tweak it to build comprehensive Wikis, knowledge bases and glossary pages.

There are several plugins to help you with Wiki and Knowledge base creation. WP Glossary is one of the more popular plugins in this category.

The plugin comes with built-in styles that allow you to create wikis without having to customize it to fit your theme.

There are however options to tweak the font colors, tooltip popups, hyperlink settings, and so on. WP Glossary is priced at $30.

Best WordPress Plugins for Security and Maintenance

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms around.

Millions of websites are built using WordPress as their main content management platform.

Unfortunately, this also attracts malicious users and hackers. The WordPress community does an excellent job to patch known vulnerabilities in a timely manner.

Having said that, there are also a lot of plugins out there that help you secure, maintain and manage your WordPress site.

Here is a list of the most popular WordPress plugins for security and maintenance.

18. Wordfence Security


Wordfence is one of the most popular security plugins with over 2+ million installs, it surely is one of those plugins you should not overlook.

Installing this plugin you will be pleased to know that they offer three types of security measures; WordPress Firewall, WordPress Security Scanner and other Security Tools, that will fortify your website.

All of their services are tailored for WordPress which makes it a highly desirable plugin to have.

Their firewall service will identify and block any threats targeting your website as well as provide protection against brute force attacks.

While their security scanner will constantly check all the WordPress core files for any potential threats and vulnerabilities(notifications available).

Finally, their other security tools include a service called Live Traffic where you can monitor all visits and hack attempts in real-time as well as an advanced anti-spam comment service.

All of the above features are included in the free versions, although they also offer a Premium version for $99 per year(1 license) where features like; Real-Time Firewall and Malware Updates and 2FA are available.


19. Jetpack


Jetpack is a suite of tools that offer a range of services from marketing to security. We are going to dig down to the security services they offer.

They offer a range of security measures such as protection against brute force attacks and downtime monitoring with email notifications.

One unique feature of it is the ability to create daily or on-demand backups of your whole WordPress site which can be really helpful.

Additionally, automated malware scanning and fixing become available on the paid plans.

Jetpack offers a free version where most of the core features are available, while the paid plans start from €3.5 per month and go up to €29.

Each plan has a range of additional features so I suggest you take a look below to find the best available plan for your website.

pricing jetpacl

20. Cookie Notice


If you visit a lot of websites (like I do) you’ve probably have come across various cookie notices, what if I told you there is a dedicated WordPress plugin that helps you create super customizable cookie notices for your website.

Cookie Notice allows you to do just that, display a notification message to your visitors in a non-disruptive manner to inform them about the cookie law.

Especially with GDPR coming into play from the 25th of May 2018. Having those message clearly, state how your website handled cookies is a must.

This plugin offers a plethora of features some of them are; Customisable Cookie Messages, Option To Accept/Refuse Cookies, Adjust Cookie Notice Position, and most importantly it’s friendly towards your SEO.

Take advantage of this Free Plugin and never worry about the cookie law again!

21. Loginizer


Loginizer fortifies your WordPress website from brute force attacks.

A brute-force attack is when someone is trying many passwords using some sort of automated software until he gets access to your account.

Loginizer features allow you to block IPs after set maximum attempts have been reached, blacklist/whitelist IPs, monitor login logs for suspicious activity as well as set email notifications.

The free versions offer all of the above while they also have a Premium version where features like 2 Factor Authentication and Passwordless Login became available.

With pricing plans ranging from $24 per year to up to $150.


22. Head and Footer Scripts Inserter


Some plugins in order to work on your website require you to install a custom code on your website.

Well if you are not that tech-savvy Header and Footer Scripts Inserter come to the rescue.

It allows you to insert those custom scripts into the header or footer of your website through an easy-to-use interface.

Making this daunting process for some users like a breeze.

What makes this plugin cool is compatibility. No matter which theme you have installed it’s going to work as well as its support for HTML, CSS and Javascript allow you to enter a diverse range of scripts.

And it’s completely free to use so why bother going through your theme files to add those scripts!

Best WordPress Plugins for Website Building

Building WordPress sites is fairly intuitive and straightforward. But often you may find yourself in need of additional functionalities that can give you extra flexibility and allow you to build your site without any blockers.

Here you can find the best WordPress plugins to power up your website building.

23. Exclusive Addons For Elementor

Exclusive Addons is a WordPress plugin that adds up to the functionalities of Elementor. It is a highly-rated Elementor addon that powers up your ability to build WordPress sites at full capacity.

Sitting in a class of its own, Exclusive Addons offers 108+ elements that provide the flexibility you need to design your website. This well-optimized plugin helps you achieve a higher page loading speed and, essentially, have the ultimate freedom to build WordPress websites.

Some of the product’s highlights include:

  • 50+ Templates & 800+ blocks
  • Inline editing with live preview
  • 24/7 support available
  • Compact WooBuilder
  • WebGL Plugin
  • Icon Library with 3000+ Icons

Exclusive Addons is a freemium Elementor addon. So it has both free and pro versions. With the Free Version, you can more than 30 widgets and extensions to build your website. With the Exclusive Addons Pro, you can level up your website building capability with 69+ pro elements and premium support.

Pricing starts at $29/year for an annual subscription or $79 for a lifetime one.

Exclusive addons pricing

Best WordPress Plugins for User Experience

So you are about to start your WordPress site, right? Exciting!

But surely you want some bells and whistles to spice it up.

WordPress comes with a series of plugins for the overall user experience within your website to make it nicer and more feature-rich.

Here is a list of the best WordPress plugins for user experience.

24. Slidedeck


Slidedeck allows you to create fully customizable and responsive sliders for your website with zero coding skills.

They currently offer a range of pre-set templates for your sliders where you can choose one of them and customize it to match the style of your website.

You can easily customize the navigation style of the slider, the transition effects and insert custom fonts.

Also, if you feel particularly brave you can use their CSS editor to customize each slider.

Now that you have your slider all customized, the placement of the slider is so easy you literally press just one button which is located on the toolbar menu of new/existing posts and pages.

Slidedeck is completely free to use, although they offer a pro version called SlideDeck5 Pro where you get access to all the available templates, as well as a collection of add-ons to customize your slider even more.

The cost of the pro versions is $87.


Other notable and free slider plugins are Meta Slider, WOW Slider, and Smooth Slider.

Another great alternative to designing your slider is Elementor which offers a full suite of tools to build pretty much anything right through the front-end.


akismet spam

Akismet is one of the most installed comment spam filters on WordPress with over 5 million users.

Rest assured that your comment section is not going to be filled with people commenting spammy links to their website.

Besides the spam filtering capabilities of the plugin other features like Comment History. Where you can see an overview of the actions that were taken on specific comments.

Mainly a plugin to be used on your blog although it can also be used to filter spam on product reviews and so on.

The free version of the plugin only includes the spam filtering, while the Plus and Enterprise plans for $5 and $50 respectively will enable to monitor advanced stats and receive customer support when needed.

akismet pricing

26. WP-Rocket


Website Caching is one of the most important technologies out there when it comes to making your website load super-fast.

Some of the known benefits of website caching are improved rankings in the search engines and increased conversions.

WP-Rocket handles all those complicated settings and ensures your site loads lighting-fast.

What makes this particular plugin so user-friendly is that the moment you activate the plugin you do not have to do anything else.

One cool feature is Image on Request. Which loads the images of a blog post for example as the user scrolls down. This results in astonishing fast loading speeds.

Unfortunately, WP-Rocket is a premium-only plugin costing $39 dollars for 1 license and up to 1 year of updates.

After that, you can continue using the plugin although updates are available if you renew your license.


If you are on a tight budget you one great free alternative is W3 Total Cache, it offers a great range of advanced features and is trusted by more than one million users.

In contrast to WP-Rocket, one downside of W3 Total Cache is that you will have to spend quite some time configuring its settings.


I appreciate you may get overwhelmed when you look at the plugins available for WordPress. I do too sometimes!

This article was meant to provide a shortlist of the ones you should be looking.

If you have any other plugins in mind, share them with us on the comments below.

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