Increase Your Open Rates and Sales With Automated Resending Feature

Increase Your Open Rates and Sales With Automated Resending Feature

Every email marketing professional has a simple goal in mind, can you guess what that goal is?

To spare you the trouble of searching the web; It’s how they can increase the open rates of their email marketing campaigns. And with increased open rates you will be able to reach more people and ultimately increase your sales!

Simply sending out your email marketing campaign, forgetting about it, and hoping for the best is not gonna cut it.

More and more email marketing specialists are putting their faith into a new form of email marketing feature, which fortunately enough Moosend has just launched!

So today we proudly present you with our newest feature which will allow you to open more doors! Without further ado… You will now be able to Automatically Resend your Email Campaigns to reach people that have not opened your initial campaign without all the manual hassle!

Before getting too excited let’s answer a couple of questions about our newest feature.

What’s the use-case for that feature?

As mentioned above that particular feature will allow you to automatically resend your email campaign to people that have not interacted with it in the first place.

A recent study showed that on average people receive 80 emails per day.

So you understand that it’s highly possible that your email subscribers will miss your first email.

In order to stand a chance against the chances (pun intended) you will need to send your email campaign again to the subscribers that did not open it.

With our newest feature, you can seamlessly do that and enhance the odds of getting your email opened.

In particular, you can use this feature pretty much on any email campaign, we recommend running it on email campaigns that you offer incentives like coupon codes or seasonal sales!

How this feature can help you and your business?

In regards to your business, you will find that feature particularly compelling due to the simple fact that it can increase the revenue and the ROI(return on investment) of your email campaigns.

To better understand the importance of resending your email campaigns let’s take a look at a quick example:

Let’s say you have an eCommerce store and you are planning to launch an incentive email campaign of 10% off for the next 15-days due to the holiday season.

You send your first campaign to your 20,000 email subscribers and see an open rate of about 25%. That means, 5000 people have opened your email.

But what about the other 15,000 of your customers? They will potentially never see your email campaign, resulting in a loss of revenue!

This is clearly something you will want to avoid.

Resending your email campaign to your subscribers that did not open it the first time can result in an outstanding up to 35% open rate!

Back to our example, so you’ve sent your second email campaign to the 15,000 subscribers and with a 35% open rate means that 5,250 additional customers of yours saw that incentive campaign.

In total, 10,250 out of your 20,000 email list opened your email campaign. That’s more than half of your list which is an amazing result!

Additionally, our auto resend feature will allow you to spend less time optimizing your email campaigns and give you more time focusing on your next email campaign.

Looks good on paper but let’s actually see how you can do this!

How to Set it up on your Moosend Account

Our lovely Support Team has prepared an easy to navigate guide just for you, let’s get hands-on!

Step 1 – Navigate to the step Schedule Delivery

You will need to activate Automatic Resending on your Campaign Wizard.

Step 2 – Configure Auto Resending Settings

After you’ve enabled the automatic resending features you will be prompted to select some additional settings based on your preferences.

You’ll need to specify the following:

  • The time that should elapse after the original campaign is delivered.
  • The subject of your recent campaign. Note that you can leave this field empty if you do not wish to change the original campaign’s subject.
  • The sender of your resent campaign.

BONUS TIP: Using a slightly different subject line can help you achieve greater open rates!

Step 3 – Click Next

Simply click the next button and you are set!

Now you can completely relax and see your open rate skyrocketing!

Final Thoughts

We hope that you take full advantage of our newest feature and automate your email marketing endeavors even more!

Let us know in the comments below or in our live chat whether that feature has helped you increase your open rates and sales.

Last but not least, if you still don’t have an account with Moosend, you can register for free and try out all the core features!