Delivering Extreme Personalization With Our New Segmentation Criteria

new segmentation criteria

Delivering Extreme Personalization With Our New Segmentation Criteria

Published By Sophie Krokida
February 18, 2020

Right when you thought segmentation couldn’t get any cooler…ta-da!

Time to up-level your traditional segmentation techniques and elevate your subscribers’ inbox experience to the 9th degree, with our hot out of the oven segmentation criteria.

So get ready to send your most targeted emails ever and define the best possible audience to get the best results every time you send a campaign.

Let’s see what’s new!

new segmentation criteria

Make your products sell themselves

The products you sell or don’t sell are an untapped goldmine for your eCommerce business.

Moosend helps you make the most of every action your subscribers and customers do so you can sell, upsell or cross-sell without lifting a finger.

  • Group your list based on those who:
  • Viewed a product
  • Purchased a product
  • Added a product to cart

Get the juice from your campaigns

All those email campaigns…

What’s the point of putting so much effort if you can’t make the most of them? Well, now you can!

Use our new segmentation criteria to squeeze more profits out of your campaigns and make them work for you one way or another.

  • Opened any campaign titled
  • Specific campaign opened
  • Specific sent campaign not opened
  • Specific campaign clicked
  • Opened any campaign

It’s now or…now

I know, all this sounds amazing. And you can get your hands on our new segmentation criteria right now. Just head to your mailing lists and get ready to put your customer data to some serious work. You’ ll love Moosend a little more 🙂

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