Announcing Moosend For WooCommerce Integration

Integrations matter… only if they do the work for you.

You really need your integrations to gather data in a single place where you can really use this information. A place where you can turn this information into metrics that are relevant and actionable.

This place is your Moosend account. Unleash your company’s potential right now!

More and more companies are realizing that deep data is their best bet to take their business to the next level. Without increasing their budget, but simply by closely bringing the information they collect across various channels over to a single marketing tool, leaving nothing to luck.

Let’s Talk Deep Data

Deep data integrations provide the answers to the questions you ask about your company. It is big data stripped down to the bare essentials; down to actionable and meaningful data.

With Moosend’s single-click deep data integration for WooCommerce, you create a perfect flow of information between your eCommerce platform and your Moosend account. To name a few of the possibilities with this robust integration, you can track page views, distinguish users from visitors and match them to their behaviors, segment them automatically based on their behavior, estimate the total number of purchases per client, or total revenue of purchases per client, and so on.purchases segment

Turning big data into deep data using segmentation

We’ve been obsessed with big data for a long time, but big data is meaningful as long as it is translated into deep data. Now, the only challenge with getting deep data right is the extent to which your email marketing software integrates with the various web applications and cloud services you are using.

With Moosend’s single-click integration for WooCommerce, you draw transactional and behavioral information the minute it happens on your eCommerce store. Then, you have this information readily available in your Moosend account directly linked to your mailing lists. When integrating Moosend with WooCommerce, your company will make the most of its web technology and facilitate the smooth flow of information from one app to the other.

As a matter of fact, every day thousands of anonymous visitors might be visiting your eshop. Thus, your WooCommerce store could potentially track tons of behavioral data. Finding and analyzing this data can be an overwhelming or even impossible task if you don’t have the right tracking tools in place.

Also, if this is not a systematic thing that you do on a daily basis, then you are missing out on major opportunities to increase your conversion rate or average order value, to begin with.

To ensure that everything runs smoothly, flawlessly, and most of all, consistently, minimizing the likelihood of human error, you need to somehow automate this procedure, set up a type of tracking device that takes this data and turns it into meaningful information and specific actions.

Now you can bridge the two sides, namely:

by using an easy-to-install plugin for seamless integration. The plugin will allow you to use your store data to set up automated workflows with one click.

What you’ll be fetching with Moosend for WooCommerce

Far beyond customer journeys, with Moosend’s integration for WooCommerce, you’ll be getting complete customer profiles. More specifically, with website tracking alone, you can:

a. Perform on-site segmentation

You can segment users on the basis of the purchases they have or have not made, the dates of their purchases discovering who has been inactive for longer, whether they have added products to the cart or not, or whether they have viewed a page or not, within specific time frames set by you. For example, you can track your top purchasers or top website viewers over a specific time period (e.g. during a 10-day sales period) and get interesting data on user behavior.

b. Take your business to the next level by coupling website tracking with email automations

To make the most of your big data, you can build your own automated workflows from scratch, setting up your triggers, conditional/control steps, and actions. For example, you can create an automation that is activated once the website tracking component finds that the number of purchases a customer has made is higher than 10, and send them an email sequence to thank them for their loyalty and reward them with a discount or other incentive.

The time-efficient alternative to designing your own automated workflow is to choose a workflow template from our pool of preset automated workflows, called Recipes. These are fully customizable and address the most common pains addressed by companies in various sectors. Recipes include remedies for abandoned carts, welcome emails, thank-you emails, repeat purchase reminders, automated upsell/cross-sell email sequences, re-engagement workflows for inactive users, automatically survey your customers following up on their purchase.

Here are some examples of the types of information you will be fetching with Moosend for WooCommerce integration:


Every time someone registers an account in your WooCommerce store, our plugin will automatically import user account data to your Moosend account. Then you can use any piece of information you want to start building your email automation.

Page views

Whenever a visitor or user views a page, the Moosend tracking code will automatically associate user behavior to the specific person on your list. Now, you can have a page visit history, to trigger events that will advance the user further down the sales funnel or segment them according to their behavior.


Once a purchase has been made, Moosend imports qualitative and quantitative purchase data. You will use this resource to trigger a customer loyalty email sequence or perform any other customer-related action.

Add to cart events

Never miss a beat with add-to-cart events by tracking them and, alongside Moosend’s automation, set up highly relevant workflows, personalized to what the visitors viewed or engaged with on your site.

purchases segment

Cart abandonment

Users don’t have to leave empty-handed anymore. Automatically send a reminder email to people who have left products in their cart. Entice them to go back to complete their order, and see your conversion rates increase with Moosend / WooCommerce integration.

On top of everything else, Moosend’s platform automatically estimates the lifetime value of every customer, the total revenue of a product on your website, the total revenue of a campaign, or even the total revenue of your website as a whole. You can also track any custom event you wish to create.

We have just released the most current marketing automation on the market! Are you ready to revolutionize the way you convert customers with our powerful new release?

If you’ve been looking forward to this plugin, click here to install it now.

The bigger picture

We bring you email automation, a marketing multi-purpose tool to automate the aspects of your marketing actions that require constant supervision and control. With this tool (coupled with website tracking), you can:

  • Lower your advertising costs, by highly targeted campaigns to visitors and subscribers alike.
  • Automate recurring actions or reminders with scheduled and triggered campaigns (time-based, weather-based, etc.).
  • Optimally assign staff to creative and challenging projects, instead of tedious, repetitive uninspiring tasks.
  • Minimize human error by setting up schedules once and for all, and never miss a beat.
  • Retain your existing customer base with purchase reminders.
  • Boost brand loyalty with personalized email sequences to match each subscriber’s interests and taste- automatically.
  • Nurture your newly-acquired leads so that they grow to be loyal customers.

moosend automationsOnly limited by your creativity and inspiration, Moosend’s email automations enable you to use workflow templates to save time building your automations from scratch. The so-called Recipes are fully customizable and easy-to-implement, which is great news for email marketers, but also for customers since they smoothen customer journeys.

All of these possibilities are made instantly available with a single-click plugin!

Getting Started with Moosend – WooCommerce Integration

Moosend for WooCommerce renders your eshop unstoppable. Modernize your brand and experience the efficiency that up until recently was only available to major companies and behemoths.

To install the WooCommerce plugin, please click here or find it on your WordPress dashboard. Then enter your site ID on the settings screen. The site ID can be found in your Moosend account.

eshop laptop

Logging in to your Moosend account, you immediately gain access to our preset automated workflows, called Recipes. These stretch over a greater area of possibilities with automation and website tracking and address a wide range of pains commonly faced by companies. For quick inspiration:

Abandoned Cart

Moosend’s website tracking component for WooCommerce enables you to track visitors’ actions and thus, segments those who have not completed their purchases together and you can send them reminder emails for what they left in their carts, possibly with a discount or other incentive. Analyze your funnel to get more insights on what you can do to improve your conversion rate.

Similar product recommendations

Send personalized product recommendations based on the purchases made by every single customer, with Moosend’s user-behavior tracking feature.

Website re-engagement email

The single-click integration for WooCommerce also brings your website’s history to your Moosend account; this way, you can segment all your one-off visitors and turn them into return customers with the re-engagement email sequence.

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