Marketing Automations

With Moosend’s marketing automations and website tracking, you can send the right message to the right person at the right time. Moosend automations also come with Recipes, namely your shortcut to creating workflows in seconds.

Engage the audience and convert the leads that matter to your business, with highly relevant content and perfect timing

Release your workday from repetitive tasks or bureaucratic, tedious work (e.g. cleaning or segmenting your list) and set email marketing on automatic! Optimize accuracy and efficiency by leveraging the latest technology in automations and website tracking, working in perfect sync. Build strong relationships with your subscribers and increase your ROI. With Moosend’s marketing automations, you select which events serve as triggers that prompt an automated, recurring action. And, as always, all features are available across all pricing plans (yes, even free accounts!).

User Onboarding
moosend Trigger on subscribe
When a user subscribes to your service
Send welcome email
Wait 1 day
moosend Send follow up instructions
Abandoned Cart
moosend User adds something to cart
When a user adds a product to their cart
Wait 30 minutes
moosend Check whether they made a purchase
Have they completed a purchase?
Yes If not, send email
Lead Scoring
Flow 1
moosend User clicks on a link
When a user clicks a link in an email campaign
moosend Increment lead score by +3
Qualify the user as a sales opportunity
Flow 2
moosend User places an order
When a user makes a purchase
moosend Increment lead score by +10
Qualify the user as a confirmed customer
Churn Reduction
moosend Trigger: 10 days before subscription anniversary
When a milestone of 10 days before subscription anniversary is reached
Send reminder email
Wait 5 days
moosend Send another reminder
If they haven’t clicked the campaign, send another reminder email
VIP Offer
moosend Customer makes a purchase
When the customer purchases a product
moosend Check whether the order value was higher than $5,000
Did they spend more than $5,000 on merchandise?
moosend Send regular Thank-You email

An entire tool chest of automations

Discover the automations that will take your business to the next level in just a few clicks. Release recurring actions.



moosend Select the event that will set the automation in motion. Easily!

Conditional / Control Steps

moosend Set the filter(s) you want for the trigger you selected.


moosend Choose from the list the action to be performed.

Jump-start your marketing automation


Save time by browsing our pre-made automated workflow templates! The Recipes we have prepared for you are fully customizable; you can expand or trim them to your liking, and then save your work for future use!

Browse recipes

Integrate with your website in 1 click

Hustle-free integration with the seven most popular ecommerce platforms. You can now bring Moosend’s automations to your website and start tracking visitor behavior in just one click!


Optimize your conversion rates with cart abandonment and product recommendations emails at the click of a button with Moosend - WooCommerce integration!

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Zen Cart

Moosend’s Marketing Automations and the versatile platform of Zen Cart can be easily integrated with the Zen Cart plugin.

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By connecting your BigCommerce store to Moosend’s Marketing Automations and it’s cutting-edge website tracking, you gain access and insights to a pool of powerful characteristics with unlimited capabilities.

Coming soon
Product Recommendations moosend

Is it rainy or sunny where your subscribers are? Get accurate weather reports and automatically promote relevant products to your subscribers based on their real-time weather!

Abandoned Cart Emails moosend

Have your customers abandoned their cart? Send them an automated reminder with the products they left in their cart, so they complete their purchase.

Replenishment moosend

Keep your customers stocked up! Make sure they are never running low on your products by creating a reminder email to repurchase before they run out!

Identify Revenue Sources moosend

Retain your loyal customers by rewarding their patronage! Once your customers purchase enough of your products, send them a VIP coupon for a discount on their next purchase!

Powerful reporting
Upsell / Cross-sell

Promote relevant products

Triggers 0
Actions 0
Opens 0
Clicks 0
Abandoned cart

Reminder for incomplete orders

Triggers 0
Actions 0
Opens 0
Clicks 0

Reinforce repeat orders

Triggers 0
Actions 0
Opens 0
Clicks 0
Increase loyalty

Send buyers special offers

Triggers 0
Actions 0
Opens 0
Clicks 0

Accurate and measurable actions are key to a high-converting email marketing plan. Moosend’s automations provide you with useful statistics which are easy to interpret. Adapt your automation workflows accordingly and watch your conversion rates and ROI rocket!

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