Announcement: Moosend Platform Translated in 6 Languages

Announcement: Moosend Platform Translated in 6 Languages

Exceptional email marketing should be international. Will all that this implies. With Moosend only in English, we felt we were potentially excluding many potential users and audiences. Moreover, we have received numerous requests for a translated Moosend, and as a user-driven company, we decided that it was time to take action.

Exactly! We know how you would love to use Moosend in languages other than English.

So it’s with great excitement that we announce the ability for you to use Moosend in 6 more languages:

  • French
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Greek
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish

This way Moosend becomes even more user-friendly since non-developers can get involved in their favorite projects with zero effort!

Improving user experience

Growing beyond our border and stepping into our users’ world is part of improving their journey and experience. Using Moosend in your native language is our way to say “thank you” to all our users and boost their confidence in our product.

We’re sure that feeling more familiar and confident with us will allow you to understand everything that Moosend offers and instantly build a stronger connection between us. We want you to feel you’re in good hands!

Switching to your preferred language is just one click away. Just head to your account menu and choose one of the 6 options offered.

Eliminating barriers

We don’t want the language to be an obstacle between Moosend and our international users. We choose to stay close to you and offer you a more seamless user experience, regardless of the language you speak, taking full advantage of our product’s benefits. Make the most of your account today, with just one click!

Head to your Moosend account now, or create a free one in just a few minutes!