Announcing Moosend’s Deep Data Integration for Magento

Announcing Moosend’s Deep Data Integration for Magento

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February 22, 2023

Your Magento Email Marketing Integration is the performance booster for your Magento eshop.


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What would you do without Our Magento Email Marketing Integration?

For one thing, you would be leaving a lot of money on the table. You’d also be wasting a lot of money and working hours on processes that can be easily automated.


Because by integrating your Magento eshop with Moosend you save money while making money! First, with Moosend’s automation, you can set up a series of emails to, say, Welcome users, such as onboard them, send them a coupon, and so on. Second, Moosend’s automation increase productivity in the office, as a significant part of tasks is automated to perfection.

If you are looking for more benefits of integrating with Moosend:

  • Add value to your money and save your budget with one of the most friendly-priced ESPs in the industry.
  • Get the most out of your website’s traffic by designing a workflow on Moosend.
  • Design marketing campaigns like a pro with intuitive platform design and our full-on Customer Support.
  • Drive back your hard-earned traffic and turn them from one-time visitors to returning customers with Moosend’s re-engagement campaigns. On Moosend, designing a repetitive funnel that drives back traffic (see Website re-engagement automations) or reconnects with shoppers who bailed on their carts before purchasing (see Cart abandonment automations) is easy as pie!

The innovative and flexibly customizable ecommerce platform is now available for integration with Moosend, your favorite email marketing and automation platform, at just one click!

What you can do with Moosend: we track everything your users are doing online and we instantly translate this into email actions.

Consider this scenario:

You have an online shop. Suppose you set up a facebook ad campaign to drive more traffic to your website. Once users start flocking to your website, they check out a few pages and head out. But, you have set up a smart way to capture emails of all visitors: pop-ups and exit intent. More specifically, as soon as one lands on your website, they are presented with a pop-up box offering them access to offers and giveaways through email. Another way is to reach out to those who attempt to close the tab on their browser. These users get an exit-intent pop-up box that offers them a discount or other benefit if they just sign up.

What just happened?

Every action your website visitors took online, even before they provided their email, is now matched to their email address. In other words, customer journeys and preferences are coupled with emails and create anonymous profiles of users. These profiles inform our crazy awesome algorithm and fire automations you have predefined. These could range from website re-engagement campaigns to get them back on site, to product recommendation campaigns, based on products they viewed.

In a similar scenario:

Suppose that some of the visitors above added a number of items to their cart and did not complete their purchase. With your powerful Magento email marketing integration, within the optimal amount of time, they get a reminder email that some of their items are selling out fast. Alternatively, they get a coupon code to complete their order on the spot, or even a benefit list of shopping with your brand. If you want amazing potential for your business, integrate today!

Install now Moosend for Magento and experience the potential!

What can I do with Magento Email Marketing Integration?

Make money faster and more easily!

More specifically, with Moosend for Magento you can:

  • welcome more customers to your brand,
  • follow up with visitors who were “just browsing”
  • increase average order value on your eshop
  • grow your sales exponentially with once-off work

Essentially, our radical deep data integration for your Magento ties consumer journeys to your email marketing. Give your eshop visitors the most personalized and unique email marketing experience: emails are intelligently generated by user actions or inactivity! Every single piece of insight your smart eshop has been collecting is now actionable through Moosend; the creative, straightforward platform.

Moosend for Magento: Email Marketing for Deep Data Integration


What is your daily brain drain for your eshop? Do you see high traffic that does not shop or get incomplete orders? Do you want shoppers to get more per transaction and save you the re-engagement campaign?

That’s marvelous.

Head over to our customizable, preset automation templates called Recipes, and everything will be taken care of!


gif describing how to customize an abandoned cart template

Choose “Abandoned Cart” to bargain with potential customers who did not complete their purchase. Guess who’s not going to be part of that 69% of abandoned cart stats anymore!


the complete log of preset recipes on Moosend's platform

Make sure your new visitors get a well-rounded view of your business and brand as soon as they land: grab the “Welcome email” workflow, or the “Onboarding sequence” to ensure that they get the best online experience. This is the fast track to user engagement!


What better way to get feedback from your customers than to automate surveys regarding buyers’ shipping and delivery experience? Another application could be to survey subscribers’ content preferences or customer happiness. A brand that listens, so 2018!


Be sure to show your biggest fans your gratitude! With Moosend’s powerful website tracking and Magento email marketing integration, you keep track of campaigns opened, clicks made, products viewed, page views, purchases,  and so on. Once these records reach your preset score goal, they will trigger an action. For example, you could set up Loyalty sequence I to do the counting and Loyalty sequence II to set the desired action!


You’ll be the coolest of the lot with this weather-based automation! Now you can automatically send out the right newsletters depending on whether the weather is sunny or rainy. Your straw hats and umbrellas are going to sell themselves!

Integrate your Magento store with Moosend today and add recurring value to every automation you build on our platform!

A great head start for your Magento Email Marketing Integration: Get 3 months of unlimited campaigns for 5,000 unique subscribers!

Getting started with tracking events

What is important to your business? Is it page views? Is it purchases or add-to-cart events? New registrations maybe? Whatever it is, it’s in your Moosend account. (Which, by the way gives you a 3-month free trial, unlimited campaigns for up to 5.000 unique subscribers JUST TO GET STARTED).

Here’s a list of events you can track- with unlimited combinations and potential for your business:


How often do users visit your site? Which pages do they view or spend more time on? Build on this information by adapting your email marketing strategy accordingly. Do you need a better Welcome email sequence or a new Onboarding workflow? Find out from our reports and take (informed) action, not wild guesses!


How many purchases has this segment made over this time period? Or the other way around: how many subscribers on your mailing list have made X purchases over the past month? Maybe they qualify for a discount, or an invite to a prestigious offline event!


What action to you wish to take place automatically every time someone adds a product to their cart? Is it a cart abandonment sequence or dynamic re-segmentation to a list of “Engaged users”? Get moving now!


What would you like to do with new registrants? Welcome email sequences are one way to go about it, but you can do a lot more with this infomation: send a special coupon, send out special emails offering to help users find their way around your website/eshop, or have them automatically enter the Onboarding sequence! What’s it gonna be?

As soon as you integrate:

✓ Excel at your own pace

You’ll love this integration because you’ll be able to go past the first few basic steps of this integration like you probably do when you install a plugin. With Moosend’s Deep Data Integration for Magento, you’ll be hand-held all the way to the Advanced level of automations, with the help of our experienced and agile support team.

✓ Examine customer journeys

Moosend’s behavioral tracking can help you segment subscribers as they go. This way you get insights into what your users see when they are on your website, or discover patterns in consumer behavior. You can then examine these patterns and come up with implications based on your observations that elicit valuable feedback, that even thorough focus groups would not wield that information.

✓ Unlock advanced segmentation in real-time

While your subscribers’ preferences change, their segments change automatically. More specifically, Moosend’s plugin for Magento intuitively follows every subscriber on their journey, and the moment their interests start to change and browse different pages, it re-segments them directly to the respective audience so as for them to receive the appropriate information.
Segment your mailing list(s) by:

  • Pageview total per product,
  • Purchase total made per user,
  • Spending total on a specific product,
  • Spending total on the website,
  • Latest purchases, and so on, and so forth.

Design your own automation from scratch and thus create elaborate, technical, sophisticated, elitist automations that best reflect your business. Here’s a quick list of how you can implement website tracking and advanced segmentation, for those who:

  • Abandoned their cart → Send them a series of reminders
  • Are new subscribers → Send them a welcome email sequence
  • Purchased anew → Send them a “Thank you” email sequence, including “Other items you might like”, etc.
  • Have spent a year on your mailing lists → Send them a “Happy anniversary!” workflow
  • Have been loyal customers for longer → Send them a reward email

Creating segments on Moosend’s platform to laser target your campaigns is as easy as this:

how to create a segment online on moosend's platform

Moreover, when triggered, you can also have these workflows take a different action, such as “Segment to a list”, “Unsubscribe from a list”, etc. We don’t mean to sound tacky and all, but “If you can dream it, you can do it!”.

Psst! Don’t worry if you can’t come up with a way on your own- we are always here to help you in the process with a quick tip or a workaround. Just contact our Live support, consistently rocking a 3-minute average response time. Seriously, what else could you ask for?

A great head start for your Magento Email Marketing Integration: Get 3 months of unlimited campaigns for 5,000 unique subscribers!

Magento email marketing integration: Made of stars

First off, deep data integration is everything your Magento eshop needs. And Moosend offers you the quintessential email marketing and marketing automations package. Join the big companies on our portfolio, today!

What your Magento Email Marketing integration contains:

Thank you for integrating with Moosend. We are sure that you will enjoy how easily and fast you can connect your eshop to your account. We absolutely love to show off, so here’s what you’ll be getting upon integration:

– Designing campaigns from the get-go, as everything instantly connects!

– Better decision-making thanks to insane accuracy on valuable customer data.

– Faster design and launch of automated campaigns thanks to our template library.

– Breezy campaigns with intuitive design on our drag-n-drop newsletter campaign editor.

– The most dedicated customer support team you’ve encountered on Earth and Mars. [Check out our reviews on capterra.]

– Pricing that’s the icing on the cake! A break from puns, we can’t take!

– Awesome support that loves their job more than they do ice cream!

Everything your eshop records, we track it for you.

Feeling the creative juices taking over? Sign up right now, while our fantastic pricing lasts!

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