Announcing: Moosend Courses For A Witching Onboarding Experience

Announcing: Moosend Courses For A Witching Onboarding Experience

You’ve probably been waiting for this for a long time. Some magic onboarding process that would lead to spellbound customers.

Well, dear Moosender, the time is now. Moosend Academy is here!

What exactly is Moosend Academy?

It’s ok to admit it. You too joined Moosend and wanted to adopt our platform into your existing marketing habits. But there are just some things you needed help with. And were afraid to ask.

This is exactly why we created Moosend Academy!

To help you get swiftly onboarded and into the core functionality of our platform in a quick, simple way.

This new onboarding process consists of a series of video courses that guide you through all our platform’s features step-by-step.

Every series is created especially for a specific industry so you can make Moosend work for your business to the maximum.

For now, you will find courses for 2 different industries:

Publishers for those who have of the digital publication market and online blogs

Ecommerce for those who sell online goods or services

The videos are short, split up into bite-sized small steps for a smooth onboarding experience that covers the entire spectrum of Moosend’s features and capabilities.

Why should I watch the courses?

We know how to make our users successful. And we want you to see for yourself how wonderful it is to be at the top of your game.

After watching the courses not only will you learn how to use Moosend but also to implement best practices within your marketing strategy.

From adding the right “from” name to designing your first newsletter and from connecting your website with Moosend to creating a cart abandonment campaign, Moosend Academy guides you through all its witching features so you can receive full value from the very beginning.

How can I use it?

academy steps

Do you have a Moosend account?

Then Moosend Academy‘s doors are open for you!

Simply go to our page and log in with your account’s credentials.

Then choose the industry that suits you to visit the corresponding page.

There you will find all the right courses for you.

And that’s where the real magic begins.

Moorlin the Wizard: Casting a spell to your onboarding process

all wizards

You know us. We love a little fun here and there to make things more engaging and…charming!

So we thought that this is the perfect opportunity to make your dreams come true.

From the times you wished you were enrolled to Hogwarts to the “you shall not pass” moments you hoped for a magic wand to wave, it’s time to settle the score.

In other words, watch the whole course series to become the powerful Moorlin the Wizard that enchants his customers with all the marketing trickery Moosend offers.

Every time you complete watching a certain number of video courses you will automatically upgrade to a stronger version of Moorlin.

Level 1: Apprentice

Set up your account like the good novice you are and lay the groundwork for what’s coming.

Level 2: Spellbinder

Learn your way around the Moosend dashboard and find out how to make it work wonders.

Level 3: Illusionist

Create the most popular campaigns and make the most of our editor magically, without any coding skills.

Level 4: Magus

Discover all the features and tricks that will make you elevate your marketing game and how to use them right.

Level 5: Wizard

Master Moosend and get ready to work your magic with every campaign, every time.

How charming

Do you have the power to bewitch your audience? Of course you do.

All you need is some practice.

And when Moorlin the Wizard appears you’ll know you’ve got it.

Until our next announcement, hocus pocus!