From Marketing Automation to AI

Get ready for some Automation 101 action and some VIP backstage passes to how Automation works.

Catch Iné, our Head of Content, and Evi, from Product Management, presenting 3 automated campaigns you could be doing better (and your customers know):

  1. Cart Abandonment emails
  2. Welcome email sequences
  3. Thank You email workflows

This is the 1st of 3 webinars. Oh, and it’s free. But super exclusive. Serving you First Come First Served realness, so…

automations webinar

Moosend is trusted by major businesses worldwide

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    After going through Mailchimp, and other platforms, we decided to stay with Moosend because there is no other tool matching the feature set & price point offered. From seamless onsite event tracking to journey building to amazing customer support. Furthermore, we can easily migrate any bulk size of data into and out of the system thanks to the very high threshold API rate limits. Lastly, adding as many custom fields further eases our process of managing adhoc campaigns.

    VOGUE, Digital Project Manager

    It’s not us. It’s them. See why brands love Moosend.