Marketing Automation Templates for Supercharged Conversions

Moosend marketing automations come with ready templates to setup most common automated customer journeys with a few clicks.

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Website Engagement

Re-market to your potential customers by sending an email to those who haven’t come back to your website in a while.

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Survey Buyers

Find out the satisfaction level of your subscribers after they have made a purchase. Time intervals may apply.

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Specific Custom Field Value Change

If a change occurs in a specific custom field, send highly relevant content.

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Specific Area of Interest

Send personalized information based on the specific page one visited.

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Re-engagement Email Based on Weather

Is it rainy or sunny? Send your subscribers an email promoting relevant products: umbrellas or straw hats, then?

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Onboarding Email Sequence

Drive every subscriber further down the funnel, based on the actions they take or don’t take when you send them a series of campaigns.

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New Customer Thank You Email

Thank every new subscriber for joining your list! Send them a thank you email and welcome them to your community.

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Loyalty Sequence Part 2

Once your subscriber’s score reaches a pre-defined value, send them a personalized email.

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