Create Beautiful Email Marketing Campaigns that Convert

With Moosend you can create responsive personalized email marketing campaigns that deliver results

Drag and drop campaign editor

Not a designer? No sweat! Our easy to use drag-n'-drop campaign editor lets you design email campaigns that look beautiful on every device.


Personalize your email marketing campaigns with dynamic content

As a marketer you know how important it is to communicate one to one with your subscribers. With our dynamic content feature, now you can use the data that you already have about your subscribers to create a personalized one to one experience.

Optimize your email campaigns automatically

Imagine being able to know what subject line will get you the best open rate. Or what call to action button will get you the best click through rate. Or what is the best day to send your email campaign. You don't have to struggle with these. With Moosend's A/B Testing feature it is amazingly simple to test, analyze and optimize your campaigns performance for optimum results.


Schedule your campaigns' delivery for perfect timing.

It's no secret that the time and day you send your email campaign is extremely important. If the best time for you to send the campaign is 5 in the morning you don't have to stay up until then. Use our scheduled campaign feature to send the campaign whenever you want in the future.


Optimize your deliverability and avoid triggering the spam filters

Getting your email campaigns to your subscribers' inbox is one of the most crucial factors when it comes to your success. With our spam test feature, you can optimize your campaigns and avoid spam flagging.


Make your campaigns look perfect on every device

Everyone has the send button fear. With Moosend's campaign preview feature you can render and evaluate your email campaigns on desktops, mobiles and tablets and fix any issues before taking them mainstream.

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