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Creating striking email marketing campaigns that convert through our award-winning newsletter designer. No tech skills or magic touches are required. In fact, our library of newsletter templates is guaranteed to make your next campaign look absolutely fab!

Our shiny new campaign editor

More fun than playing with building blocks; check out our easy, flexible, and rich newsletter editor! Design and deliver newsletters that look professional on all devices.

A wide variety of responsive newsletter templates to choose from

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Need a quick solution? Dive into our template library and discover the newsletter design that better serves your objective. With our smart-edit features, customize any element in the template to match your brand identity. Preview and test, without exiting the editor.

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Save face, with our send-test feature

Instantly test how your mobile-optimized email appears on any device, without exiting the editor. Our handy, single-click button on the top menu opens a field to enter your test email address(es).

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Don't look back in anger, with design history

Did you make a mistake? Want to revive a previous version of your newsletter? Now you can access your design history so you never lose your work again! Your draft is automatically saved.

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Always be on time, with campaign scheduling

Send your email at the right time and day, even if that is at 4:13 am on a Monday! Schedule all your newsletters and have our Moo send it for you, while you think (or dream!) of ways to grow your business.

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Count down to more sales, with countdown timer

Breathe life into your newsletter campaigns and max out on user engagement - with our brand new interactive design feature!

Design your own templates

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Create your own private collection of templates that you have built from scratch, or tweaked using our template library. For consistent branding or planning ahead, customize a newsletter design and save it for future use.

Leverage weather forecasts to beef sales up

When it’s sunny, your subscribers will receive a campaign promoting straw hats. When it’s rainy, they’ll get an email with umbrella styles. Yep. Automatically.

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Personalized content for each recipient

Tailor-made content that fits like a glove. Dynamically change your message to match your subscriber segments, and optimize their newsletter experience with your brand. Mass customization in one click!

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Recommend the right products to your eshop visitors

Improve the online experience of your users! Send them personalized product recommendations based on the products they viewed on your website. Have your follow-up communication automatically tailored to every recipient’s taste!

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Send unlimited email campaigns for free! Start email marketing for free up to 1000 subscribers! All features including automations are available right away! No credit card required.

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