Announcing Moosend’s Subscription Form Plugin For WordPress

Moosend with WordPress

There are hundreds of ways you can grow your mailing list, but you first need to get your subscription form right. If you are using WordPress, you will need a plugin that integrates your website with your email marketing platform, and gives you the ability to design a beautiful and high-converting form easily.

Moosend’s plugin for WordPress connects your website to your mailing lists, making list growth easy as it should be. And all of that without you settling for anything less in terms of amazing form design. Moosend’s plugin for WordPress allows you to create and customize subscription forms the way you want to suit your site’s style and needs. Download the plugin from the official WordPress repository to connect your account and start growing your list!

Let’s take a look at the brand new WordPress plugin.

Connect to your mailing lists

Connect your mailing lists

Every time a user signs up to receive your newsletter you can assign them to the mailing list of your choice. In other words, you might want different segments of your audience to be added to different lists. Moosend’s plugin gives you the ability to connect your subscription form to any particular list you have created in your account.

You can also specify a name for the subscription form so that you don’t get lost in an array of different forms you might be creating for different pages on your site.

Create regular or popup forms

Create popup forms

Are you looking for a regular form or a popup subscription form? The plugin gives you both options! You can use a regular form which you can embed anywhere in your website or inside your post content. This enables you to maximize your chances to grab your visitors’ emails while they are most engaged, reading your content. The plugin will generate a shortcode that you can place anywhere you want the form to appear on your site.

If you prefer popups, the jack-in-a-box version of a sign-up form can create one and choose the right timing. That’s right, you can specify the time at which it will pop up. You may also choose to display the form on exit intent. This means that the form will pop up when a user is about to leave your website, by navigating away from the browser window.

popup configuration

Don’t forget to add the URL of the Thank-you page you want your new subscriber to be redirected after submitting the form. This possibility gives you even more control of communicating your brand personality and differentiating your sign-up process from that of your competitors or other websites altogether.

Customize the subscription form fields

subscription form fields

Moosend’s subscription forms plugin offers a great variety of fields you can add. These fields will be directly connected to custom fields that you have defined in your Moosend account. In that respect, you can ask your user to fill in their name and email address but also custom values like city, country, gender, age, date of birth or any other value that is meaningful to your business.

Form styles to match  your brand

Form styles

Own your sign up form with our customization tools, with which you can cater to the styling of the form. No need to use CSS; with our plugin you can change font type, font size, color and more for each of the form elements.

Now, you can create the ultimate sign up form without any design experience! Simply set up font parameters and you are ready to publish your form.

Mobile responsiveness

In the mobile-first age your website should be mobile responsive; so should be your subscription forms. Rest assured that, with Moosend Subscription Forms for WordPress your subscription form will look flawless even to users who visit your site on mobile devices.

Next steps? Sign up for your free email marketing account, if you haven’t already, and install the Moosend Subscription Forms for WordPress plugin on your website to create your first form.