Personalisation: Do’s and Dont’s to make your email land in the inbox

In our previous blog post: Subject Line: Do’s and Dont’s to make your email land in the inbox, we analysed the things you should do and avoid when writing a subject line. In this blog post we are going to help you create and send more personalised campaigns in order to hit your subscribers inboxes.

make your email land in the inbox

Things to do:

Personalise the subject line, it’s the most effective way to personalise an email marketing campaign. As you’re more than likely to know the recipient’s name it’s very easy to add it in the subject line by using the personalization tag. First name personalisation has shown to lead to higher open rates as you can also see in this survey from Experian.

personalization tag stats

Personalise the content of your campaigns, subscribers almost expect to be addressed by their first name so a “Hi/ Hello *First Name*” is a must.

Personalise the content of your campaigns

Use personal information and topics of interest to send more personalized and targeted campaigns. Often, companies ask for additional information besides the email address and use it to send more personalized campaigns. An example might be the country of the recipient. If a recipient comes from the UK, you could create a segment for this. Allowing subscribers in the UK to receive their emails in English and perhaps your french subscribers receive their emails in French.

half english half french email

Unique promotional code. If you want to make a special offer to your subscribers, or if you have a loyalty club, you can send them a newsletter inserting a special unique promotional code different for every recipient. All you have to do is create a custom field and then add the relevant personalization tag in the body of the html. Now, every recipient will see his own unique promotional code and you can track even more closely the performance of your campaign.

promotional code

Things to avoid:

Don’t overdo it. Using personalisation in subject lines is not something that you should do it in every campaign that you send, because after a while it won’t have the same effect. Your subscribers will become accustomed to it and it won’t have the same impact. So, use it wisely and try to think new ways to wake up your recipients.

Have precise information. Since you have decided to use personalization, make sure you have the correct information. You should avoid hastily errors that will bring negative results. For example before you personalize the subject with the recipient’s name, make sure that you have the name of all of your recipients. If not, you should create segments and send separate campaigns, one including the personalization and one without any.

personalize the subject line

Keep your promises. If you ask your recipients to complete additional information besides their email address, like first and last name, country, topics of interest, be 100% sure that you are going to keep your promises and send them personalized and targeted campaigns. If you create the expectation of sending personalized campaigns and then send bulk emails this will inevitably end in negative results.

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