Introducing Moosend’s template editor: fast n’ easy

We are happy to introduce in Moosend our super simple drag n’drop template editor, an enhancement to our campaign wizard. This new feature was under development for months and we find it absolutely necessary for all you marketers out there that do not want to rely on a web designer for a simple newsletter creation. This powerful tool is made to help small and medium sized companies or even marketing agencies design their email campaigns in just a few minutes! Yes, minutes!


With the help of our template editor you are now ready to choose the style of your email newsletter, decide on the components it will have, a full width structure, a ½ or 1/3 structure or a combination of those, then decide whether it will be composed of images, text, articles etc., then simply drug and drop them in the right position, and then fill them in with the right information, like articles from your webpage, product photos from your e-commerce site, and link them to your page to track url clicks.

You can now move any components of your newsletter, add, delete or duplicate content blocks, according to the look and feel you want your newsletter to have. Now you are ready to go! Isn’t that fast n’ easy?

You can read here more about how to use it and get the most out of your email newsletters!

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