Introducing Moosend’s Native Integration with Influence

influence integration with moosend

Introducing Moosend’s Native Integration with Influence


Another day another integration. We are delighted to announce that Influence is now natively integrated with Moosend!

influence integration with moosend

And don’t worry if you don’t know what Influence is.

Because we are going to explain everything in detail. And if you’re looking to increase your conversions and/or build your email list you’ll definitely want to keep reading 😉

Influence is a real-time social proof notification tool. While a relatively new platform, since it was founded in 2018,  it has seen tremendous growth over the past year.

Their ultimate goal is to help your business to increase conversions on autopilot by providing visually aesthetic social proof pop-ups when someone buys your products or subscribes to your email list. How?

By displaying them to your website visitors!

Influence’s simple implementation and use case makes it a great tool for marketers that are looking to seamlessly bump up their conversation rate. Never miss a sale or a new email list subscribers again!

Why it’s important to showcase social proof to your website visitors?

  1. One of the most important reasons for using social proof is that it allows you to build trust and reliability around your brand.
  2. It is also a great way to increase email subscribers and sales. 

Why should you choose Influence to display real-time social proof notification?

  1. It is an easy to implement, code-free solution which requires less than 5-minute to implement.
  2. It offers an intuitive dashboard that showcases real-time social proof notification metrics to optimize your campaigns as fast as possible.
  3. It’s ideal for hungry Marketers that want to see an immediate increase in conversions.
  4. It offers a huge library of pre-made templates that will allow you to publish your notifications without the hustle of designing them.
  5. It can be attached to an unlimited number of websites.

Many businesses, especially in eCommerce, use Influence to take advantage of their social proof and turn anonymous visitors into customers in a matter of seconds.

influence homepage

What makes Influence unique to their competitors is that their main focus is to provide a low-cost solution that any business can use.  Combining it with highly customizable features!

So time to supercharge your email list today by using social proof notification with the help of this wonderful integration between Moosend and Influence!

Founder of Influnce, Kirti Prakash:

“Influence is a social proof application that allows you to show instant social proof to your website visitors and helps you as a business in getting more conversions instantly.

WIth Influence you’ll be able to show social proof to your advantage by showcasing all the live visitors on your website. It’s basically the difference between making your website look like empty store vs busy store.”


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Until our next integration, tootles!