Coming Up: White label accounts

Growing your business means to be able to exploit opportunities through collaborations. Moosend will soon be announcing its white label solution ideal for marketing agencies and technology suppliers. This means that a marketing agency which offers various digital services to its customers, or a software vendor offering technology solutions, will be able to offer email marketing services to their clients, as resellers of Moosend’s super powerful email marketing platform.

agency with clients

White label accounts will allow resellers to create sub-accounts, distribute credits, send on behalf of clients and set their own pricing to maximize revenue.

Either way, the agency or vendor will be able to easily customize the look and feel of the account of his customer, by putting a logo or custom. The domain name will also be customizable so that all links related to his campaigns will be connected to his brand. The agency will be able to export the client’s reports and inform him on his campaign reporting. It will be the one to decide, side by side to the customer, on the best email marketing strategy, according to the results driven by the campaigns. And will be there to modify tactics in every step of the way.

Digital marketing agencies are an indispensable ally for any enterprize who thinks seriously of his online ppresence. Technology and software solutions providers are also there to offer just what they promise: solutions. We clear the ground to be able to offer our services to them, as long term business collaborators, through our white label services for resellers. Coming up soon.

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