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During the past few weeks we have been working hard here in Moosend to help the everyday lives of you marketers out there, by automating some procedures.

We know you have started segmenting your list to send targeted campaigns to users that have specific behavior with your newsletter, or do specific actions, like opening a campaign, clicking on a link, subscribing, putting products in the basket etc. But what if you could send email newsletters to them, triggered by specific events, without entering your Moosend account, and just count money coming in?

Science fiction? Here’s what’s coming.

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Moosend’s user will soon be able to set events that will trigger specific email campaigns to specific groups of subscribers, with the flow that he prefers. For instance:

The subscriber leaves his email address to subscribe to a company’s newsletter. Moosend’s user will be able to send a campaign to him 3 days after he subscribes, giving him a special offer, a discount, a personal coupon code etc.

Let’s say also, that this subscriber opens this campaign, but he does not click on any link. He will receive after 2 days another email newsletter, automatically, as a reminder to claim his offer. If he does not open the email, he will receive another email newsletter after let’s say, 3 days, as a reminder.

Let’s say that he clicks on the call-to-action button, to see the offer, but no other action is taken. 3 days after this, he will automatically receive another marketing effort, let’s say a free delivery option, which will probably persuade him to get what’s offered in the email. If he does not click, he will receive something different.

Let’s also say that this subscriber has finally made up his mind and proceed with a purchase, like a TV for example, and one year after that you want to let him know that he could extent his guarantee.  You will be able to do that automatically. No other effort or reminder to be set. And it’s done, so simple.

A trigger could be also set by a specific User Action. We recently announced here in Moosend this possibility which helps you target the user that visits a website, browses some products, puts some in the basket, and leaves with no purchase. This user can receive an email campaign, set to dispatch on a specific time frame after the action, to remind him on the abandon cart. This can be done now in Moosend with API integration between systems.

So you sit in your office. You’ve done all the hard work. You’ve set your strategy. You’ve set your automated emails coming and going. Just sit and relax! Success is just around the corner. We are working on it!

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