We built this automation for your inactive subscribers (step-by-step)

engaged subscribers

First, it is important to distinguish between those who are less engaged and those who are just having a busy period.

Hopefully, this is just a busy period for them and they will soon get back to their favorite routine they share with you.

If it’s not, here’s what to set up:

The Trigger

“When someone subscribes to a specific list”

The Workflow

For your new subscribers

Define the number of email opens that signify low engagement over a specific time period. Let’s say that this is 4 emails opened over the past 3 months.

1.  After you have selected your trigger, add a conditional step: wait for a period of 3 months.

2. Then, filter contacts on the basis of the metric you are interested in, let’s say “number of campaigns opened” (e.g. “is less than 4 in the last 90 days”).

3. Subsequently, send the less active segment an email campaign making them an offer they can’t refuse. Make the subject line count to get them to open the email.

i) Filter those who opened the email and trigger a re-engagement workflow.

ii) For the rest, schedule a notification email, the subject line of which asks them to update their email preference options or alerts them to being deleted from the list.

Finally, if they don’t open the aforementioned notification email either, they will be automatically unsubscribed from the list.

For your existing subscribers

1. Segment your mailing list(s) on the basis of, say, “Campaigns Opened”, and filter out people who have opened x campaigns within the past N days (e.g. “Campaigns Opened is more than 2” and “Date Added is within the past 90 days”).

2. Save your brand new segments and send them the respective campaigns.


No subscriber is a lost cause. They did subscribe to your mailing list, after all. This means that there was a time there was more to your relationship with them. Try to re-engage them with more appealing offers and fancy subject lines in order to get them to open the campaign. Did this fail? Only then is it time to say goodbye.