Are you managing sub-accounts? Smart pricing solutions for agencies.

If you are a Digital Marketing Agency, or a large organization with multiple online projects, you are now able to handle the Email Campaigns of your customers under an easy to use administrative panel. Apart from the practical reasons why you should prefer this way of managing your subaccounts, you have a good financial reason to choose this opportunity.

set your own profit

Let’s say you are an agency, having two customers, handling their email campaigns and reporting to them. Their email lists consist of 30.000 subscribers, and 15.000 subscribers respectively. Until now, you maintained two different accounts in Moosend, the one costing you $120/month, and the other $70/month, for unlimited campaigns. But now, you can add both Clients under your parent account, and manage these two Sub-accounts with 45.000 subscribers with only $120/month.

This feature was built to bring economies of scale in major organizations and agencies, handling multiple projects and websites.

We hope you’ll love it! And wait till you see what else is coming!

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