Bouncer Fully Integrated with Moosend

email marketing bouncer integration

Bouncer Fully Integrated with Moosend

Published By Moo
February 22, 2023

We are super happy to announce that Bouncer is now fully integrated with Moosend!

You can now quickly connect your Moosend account with Bouncer, import your list, verify it and export it back to Moosend.

Bouncer is an email verification SaaS founded in 2017 with the ultimate goal of enabling its clients to maintain undisturbed communication with their customers.

email marketing bouncer integration

Bouncer protects senders’ reputation, decreases the bounce rates and improves deliverability, by not allowing a single undeliverable, risky or unknown email address to sneak into an email list.

Why is it so important to clean your list from undeliverable emails prior to sending the campaign?

  1. Moosend always takes extra measures to get your emails delivered to the inbox of your recipients and to keep sender reputation score on the highest level. Verify your lists to maintain the score and increase your deliverability rates.
  2. Moosend’s Anti Spam Policy states that your hard bounce rate must be lower than 3%, or otherwise, you are risking in getting your account suspended or even terminated. Don’t let that happen! Decrease your hard bounce rate with Bouncer!
  3. In Moosend’s pay-as-you-go plan, you are charged one credit for every email that you send. Stop throwing your money down the drain by sending emails to invalid addresses, and pay only for the ones that matter.

Why you should choose Bouncer to verify your Moosend list?

  1. They are fully GDPR compliant, and the safety of your data is super important for them!
  2. Bouncers’ simple integration makes your email marketing process effortless.
  3. Awesome support team, available via chat, email or video call.
  4. The great accuracy of your results and the reliability of the system.

email list verification bouncer

CEO of Bouncer, Radek Kaczynski explains how this integration will impact the users of Moosend:

“In the world of email marketing, automation of processes is crucial, as every minute counts and there is simply no time to spare. Often email verification is seen as an optional step during campaign creation, that unfortunately when skipped, leads to unwanted consequences. That is why our integration, helps Moosends’ users clean their lists in a smooth way, for an affordable price.”

Additionally, every Moosend customer will receive 10% discount on their purchase with Bouncer, check your account to find your promo code now!

Get rid of nasty emails, and enjoy your seamless marketing automation!

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