Thrive With Moosend: Join Our Affiliate Program And Earn!

affiliate program - email marketingAt Moosend, we are always looking for ways to show our enthusiastic customers our appreciation.

We have recently released shiny new features which are the first few of the ones scheduled for 2017. From our radically redesigned Campaign Editor to the upcoming release of intuitive marketing automations and reliable website tracking features, the support and enthusiasm we witness is inspiring!

To share Moosend’s success with you, we have set up our Affiliate Program, granting you 30% commission each time you refer someone who purchases one of our plans through your link. This is for any monthly or pay-as-you-go plan, on every purchase to infinity and beyond, and will include any future upgrades on the referred customers’ subscriptions plans.

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To make this process easier, we are providing you with the tools, metrics and stats necessary in order to generate more leads. Read on or sign up to grab your unique affiliate link for one of the best email marketing affiliate programs available right now!

Our email marketing Affiliate Program has a built-in tracking system that guarantees 100% safe tracking of your leads through your unique affiliate link. The system also features powerful real-time statistics, which you can access simply by signing in to your account.Join Our Affiliate Program

There, you will be able to keep track of affiliate link views, clicks, referred sign-ups, and access other useful insights as well. This live feed of information is indispensable towards your adapting your pitch accordingly, and using it as feedback to see what works best with your leads.

Every referral link comes with a 60-day cookie life. This means that if a lead buys within two months since the day you gave them the link, the commission is yours- but, trust us, it won’t take that long! Then, as soon as your affiliate account has been approved, payout of all processed subscriptions for the previous month is duly and timely settled on your PayPal account.

We will also provide you with promo materials, like banners, to help you reach your marketing goals, and give you access to support documents and an affiliate manual, so you can start promoting right away.

Enhanced email marketing service that sells itself

Reliability is central to us at Moosend. Always striving for excellence, Moosend features a dedicated and competent support team with an average response time of three minutes. If you have a question, ask our eager and friendliest-support-team ever! This is how we make sure you raise your reputation!

By now, you have experienced yourself that we make an easy case: with our continuous flow of feature upgrades for world-class features, and most importantly, at affordable prices. At Moosend, high quality, positive user experience, and value for money do go together. Plus, our cost-savvy pricing makes it easier for you to refer converting leads, thus creating a new stable income stream.

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