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Statistics in Real Time

Moosend provides you with all the statistics you want in
real-time to track and evaluate your campaign

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Mailing List Segmentation

You can segment your list based on your own criteria to send your campaigns to more targetted audiences within your mailing list. We automatically update your mailing list segments so you can setup and forget.

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A/B Split Testing

With A/B Split Tests, Moosend will send different versions of your campaign subject or content to subsets of your mailing lists and whichever version performs better will be sent out to the remainder of your list. Neat!

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And that's not all, Moosend has tons of features. Take a look at the complete list.

Monthly Plans

Our monthly plans are suitable for frequent senders and include unlimited email campaigns. We will invoice you every month based on the number of subscribers in your mailing lists.

up to 5k


$25 /month

5k to 10k


$40 /month

10k to 25k


$80 /month

25k to 50k


$150 /month

50k to 75k


$220 /month

75k to 100k


$290 /month

100k to 150k


$440 /month

150k to 200k


$580 /month

200k to 250k


$730 /month

250k to 300k


$860 /month

300k to 400k


$1150 /month

400k to 500k


$1440 /month

500k to 600k


$1720 /month

600k to 700k


$2050 /month

700k to 800k


$2320 /month

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01 Sep 2015 09:06

Introducing Moosend Campaign Editor 1.1

We are pleased to announce that a new set of features has been released into our newsletter editor. These features give you more flexibility and freedom in your designs. Now you can design almost anything, keep it responsive and compatible with the most popular email clients, and do all of these faster than before.

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28 Aug 2015 15:56

Retail Sales: How to boost them by gathering customer data

So, I have an idea for the greatest startup ever, an idea that I’ve been thinking about for years (to be totally honest I’ve been thinking about it since I first started shopping my own clothes and accessories). Imagine this: You enter a clothes shop. The clerk, welcomes you by your name and takes you to a specific department in the store that only has clothes to match your size (yes, I may be a little overweight but I should be able to find clothes my size, right?). Nothing else but my size! Everything you see here, has the right colours (yep, your favourite ones!), has a very affordable price and on the checkout, you get to have a discount too! Also, you don’t need to carry your shopping bags around, the marvellous clerk already has your address and he is going to send it over. So, you can go grab a coffee, or even better, a drink! That must be the way a queen feels after her shopping experience!

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