Email Marketing and Marketing Automation Webinars

Power up your knowledge on Email Marketing and Marketing Automation with our super-explanatory Webinars! If you want to create the next perfect email marketing campaign for your business take a look below.

All they want for Christmas: Sell anything with newsletters designed to convert

Learn how to create high-converting designs specifically for the holiday season with the ultimate goal of getting your audience into the Christmas spirit and boosting your sales.


Last-minute email marketing: The Black Friday edition

Learn how to power up your Black Friday sales and conversion through email marketing, even if your campaigns are set and ready.


Hot weather, hot sales: how to fire up your summer email marketing strategy in the midst of COVID-19

Heat up your summer marketing strategy and promote your brand through smart email marketing campaigns for sizzling 2021 sales!


Gateway to CRM: Using Moosend’s new features to connect with your audience

Discover new engagement possibilities with the help of Moosend's advanced member features.


Valentine’s Day Email Marketing: Making love out of nothing at all

You don't need to be a believer to make February 14 work for you. Simply believe in your email marketing powers!

forms webinar

Forming Your Success with Moosend Subscription Forms

Subscription forms hold a very special place in the heart of every marketer and Moosend couldn't help but do something about it.