Email Marketing and Marketing Automation Webinars

Power up your knowledge on Email Marketing and Marketing Automation with our super-explanatory Webinars! If you want to create the next perfect email marketing campaign for your business take a look below.

Gateway to CRM: Using Moosend’s new features to connect with your audience

Discover new engagement possibilities with the help of Moosend's advanced member features.


Valentine’s Day Email Marketing: Making love out of nothing at all

You don't need to be a believer to make February 14 work for you. Simply believe in your email marketing powers!

forms webinar

Forming Your Success with Moosend Subscription Forms

Subscription forms hold a very special place in the heart of every marketer and Moosend couldn't help but do something about it.

landing page best practices

Landing Page Perfection: Getting it right with Moosend

Landing pages are your strongest tool for driving traffic, improving your SEO and building your brand.

automations webinar

From Marketing Automation to AI

3 Automations You Could Be Doing Better

gdpr webinar

Everything Around GDPR For Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Get the gist on all the GDPR Basics you need to know before running your email marketing campaigns.