A Year In Review

Great things happened to Moosend this year! As we grow bigger and better, we are giving you herewith an infographic based on all campaigns sent through our system during 2013. Take a quick and close look, and good luck with your campaigns this year!.

Total Emails Sent

Emails sent per month

Emails sent per second

Total Emails Opened

Average emails opened per second

Total Links Clicked

1 Link
clicked every 3 seconds

user base growth



Total pushed data of sent emails

This is 4 times the size of
Wikipedia’s uncompressed content


4,5 years of
uncompressed audio

Average pushed data of sent emails
per day

Average pushed data of sent emails
per campaign

That's as much as
14,000 10 megapixel pictures


That's as much as a
short video of uncompressed HD


Optimization Statistics

Which is the best month or day of the week for my email campaigns? When can I have a better Open Rate? All your questions are answered here.

Monday & Tuesday
are the best days to send emails

Number of emails opened



Number of emails opened



Here’s a quick overview of the top countries that the recipients of our emails are situated, according to the number of Opens or Clicks.


User Agent

See the device your email recipients preferred throughout the year to open your newsletters, and the Email or Desktop Clients they use. Mobile or desktop? Android or iPhone? Yahoo or Hotmail? Let’s find out.


New Features

Our development team worked day and night to offer new possibilities to our customers. Take a look at the new features we launched during 2013, and how to use them to boost the performance of your email campaigns.


User Actions

You can now integrate your own CRM records with our system, to filter your recipients not only according to their past behaviour on your newsletter (opens or clicks) but also according to their past purchases.

Dedicated IPs

As we consider Inbox placement as most important, Moosend offers the possibility to use dedicated IPs for your email campaigns, for better performance of your email campaigns.

A/B split testing

Discover which version of your campaign is most popular for your recipients, and test which subject line or HTML version they prefer.

Segmentation filtering

We are quite proud of our segmentation filtering tool since we think it can help you target your audience to boost the performance of your campaigns very efficiently.

Email Client and Mobile Device Tracking

It is amazing how useful information you can gather from the statistics on the devices (Mobile vs. Desktop) that your users prefer to open your newsletter, or from the Email Clients they use.

Click Maps

You can now see the performance of the links that were clicked in your email campaign directly on your newsletter. It is like a map that guides you to visually find the most popular links on your newsletter.

API integration

The API allows software developers to connect their application directly to the Moosend infrastructure by providing REST access a group of functions, which concern the campaigns or email recipients.