Personalization tags


Personalization tags help you customize the content of your campaigns.

Using personalization tags you can insert dynamic content, in your subject line or newsletter content. You have more than 15 preset personalization tags :

  • Recipient Name,
  • Custom field,
  • Facebook share link,
  • Twitter share link,
  • Google Plus Share Link,
  • Unsubscribe Link,
  • Update Profile Link,
  • Forward to a Friend Link,
  • This email was sent to,
  • Account VAT,
  • Account Email,
  • Account Address,
  • Account Company,
  • Current Date and Time,
  • Mailing List Name,
  • Mailing List Total Subscribers,
  • View campaign in browser link.

But, the personalization tags are way more useful when combined with custom fields. You will use custom fields to capture more data for your subscribers and then you can use the custom fields to personalize your message with the data collected.

For example, if you have a custom field that collects data for each recipients city then you can use this as a personlization tag on your subject line or newsletter content.

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