Moosend Vs. AWeber – Comparing Two Sides Of The Email Marketing Coin

Moosend is geared to position itself as one of the top and best email marketing platforms in the market. However, it will be going up against tried and true tools that have stood the test of time. One of those is AWeber, which is considered one of the oldest and most reliable tools for marketers and businesses.

However, Moosend makes a good case as to why you should use it over one of email marketing’s most beloved tools. Below is a quick summary that makes this Moosend vs. AWeber battle for the former:

  • Moosend offers only $10 a month to users with a maximum of 5,000 subscribers. AWeber requires users to pay $29 even before getting a single subscriber.
  • Moosend has a 90-day free trial, so you can test-drive all its features and see if it fits your business perfectly. AWeber only has a 30-day free trial.
  • Overall, Moosend offers more value for money as you can use comprehensive automation and analytics features to power your email marketing by spending less!

Feel confident about switching to Moosend from AWeber as your email marketing platform of choice, by considering this Moosend vs. AWeber comparison table below and see how both stack up against each other.

Price comparison between Moosend and AWeber

Monthly plans Moosend AWeber
Up to 5,000 subscribers, unlimited campaigns FREE for 3 months, and then $10 $49
Up to 10,000 subscribers, unlimited campaigns $55 $69
Up to 25,000 subscribers, unlimited campaigns $125 $149
Up to 50,000 subscribers, unlimited campaigns $205 Custom quote

Feature comparison between Moosend and AWeber

Features Moosend AWeber
Drag-and-drop Editor Only in paid plans
Mobile friendly
Scheduled delivery
Email campaign preview
Spam test
Member Management
Import contacts from external sources
Advanced list segmentation
Triggered automated campaigns Only in paid plans
Drip campaigns Only in paid plans
Custom opt-in forms
Tracking and campaign reports
Recipient activity
A/B Split Testing Only in paid plans
Email client and mobile device tracking
Monitor performance in realtime
Link performance
Customer support , via Live Chat, Email, and Phone , via Live Chat, Email, and Phone

At the onset, looking at pricing, Moosend prevails over AWeber. As mentioned earlier, Moosend is the perfect place to build your email list. You will only start paying for your list after you have reached 5,000 subscribers; this will help you save up on resources so you can prioritize your budget.

Most importantly, you gain unconditional, full and free access to Moosend’s automation features. This is a crucial selling point since most email platforms require that you pay to create triggered emails, drip campaigns, and even birthday greetings. With Moosend, you can set up an automated email to your very first subscriber without having to pay a cent! This is important since you can put your best foot forward at the very start of your email marketing strategy at reduced costs. Or none, whatsoever.

On top of its automation features are Moosend’s advanced analytics options, which compare favorably to AWeber. You can conduct A/B testing of email title or content and monitor the performance of your campaign as they are sent to the inboxes of your subscribers.

Therefore, if you want a favorable cost-to-benefit ratio when it comes to email marketing, then Moosend is your choice. Click here to create an account so you can enjoy its wealth of features and supercharge your email marketing strategy!

Note: We are doing our best to update the comparison pages of different email marketing services vs. Moosend as frequently as possible. We value your feedback; should you encounter any discrepancy in our detailed ESP comparison pages, please let us know via live chat or phone.

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