Product Recommendations

Ever wonder how those “You might also like” emails are generated? Send your own “We think you’ll love these items” email today, automatically designed with real-time data!

We use advanced AI techniques to generate personalized product recommendations by analysing your ecommerce data and come up with products your customers will love.

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Integrates With Your Website in a Few Clicks

Product Recommendation Types

Harness the power of intelligent marketing automations and send out personal shopping recommendations effortlessly! Choose from three major categories
and customize your newsletter designs accordingly - based on popularity, orders, or revenue generation! Let's take a closer look at the product category options:

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Most-Viewed Products

Increase the popularity of your most-viewed products by sending this type of automatic suggestions to your users! This type is auto-synced with your eshop logs and renders your already popular products viral!

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Most-Ordered Products

Is there a trending product on your eshop? Then you might want to give it a reputation boost with this recommendation type!This dynamically-filled product recommendation will consider the product that has scored the highest sales on your site. Your selected audience will receive the hottest picks for the given period!

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Most profitable Products

Obviously, there are some products that generate more revenue more revenue for your business, either because of their high prices, or thanks to their higher profit margins. With Moosend's targeted recommendation type, you can now address these products to specific segments and thus increase your conversion potential further!

Product Recommendation Templates

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Our foolproof drag-and-drop editor makes newsletter design intuitive - but there's nothing nearly as lovely as our customizable Product Recommendation templates! Pop over to our Template library to browse our selection!

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Product Recommendations

Product recommendations meet marketing automations: a match made in heaven! Automations offer you the help of a well-trained assistant to help you with multitasking! As soon as a user completes their purchase, they soon get a personal product recommendation email. No need to think of ways to increase average order values any more! Automations are rocking it!

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Cart Abandonment

Boost your sales! Get back to all your eshop dropouts with our ready-made cart abandonment automations. Every email is automatically personalized to represent the exact cart of every registered user. This way, you can grow your cart retention by sending timely emails that tackle the 69% cart abandonment rate!

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