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Supercharge your Drupal installation with Moosend Email Marketing plugin. In no more than a few clicks you can get access to tools that grow your wordpress subscribers and help you engage with them at scale with intelligent email campaigns and marketing automations.


1. Register with Moosend

2. Install Moosend PHP Wrapper library.

3. Download the github.com repo files from there and transfer them in sites/all/libraries

With Drupal, you have the freedom to perform a variety of actions including manipulating mailing lists, adding custom-criteria segments, creating forms for each mailing list, displaying forms as block and pages, converting moosend fields to Drupal elements, creating draft campaigns, cloning, and sending them.

Send unlimited email campaigns for free! Start email marketing for free up to 1000 subscribers! All features including automations are available right away! No credit card required.

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