The world’s best abandoned cart email

Recently we looked around to find the best automated welcome emails that companies have been sending the past few months. There, we covered the importance of marketing automations and the value of automated welcome emails to your sales cycle.

Welcome emails is only one part of the story. Cart abandonment emails is another very common flavour of automated customer engagement campaign.



Cart abandonment what?

Cart abandonment emails are sent out a few minutes after your potential customer has left his shopping cart in your e-commerce website. They generally come in the form of reminders that you have left something behind and sometimes offer a discount for completing the process – super powerful! Sending cart abandonment emails is considered the ultimate clawback technique for your e-commerce store. Imagine that it’s like putting a tap on your customers’ browser!

Why do cart abandonment emails work?

As Shopify suggests, 67.45% of online retailers are abandoning their shopping carts. And guess why? 56% of them leave, because of high delivery charges! Now imagine if you could find those people that left your website at the last step of the checkout process and offer them free delivery? This implies that your sales could get a huge boost purely by re-engaging with your users through cart abandonment emails.

Talking Friends has one of the world’s best cart abandonment emails!

TalkingFriends is a website selling Talking Tom apparel where you can buy clothes and toys for kids. Once you leave something in a shopping cart they come back to you in a few hours with the following abandoned cart email:




Awesome work! Why is this email the best of its kind? It may not win any design awards but in terms of its functionality, it has all of the things you want to be doing in your abandoned cart emails. This email should be studied in email marketing courses as the best abandoned cart email in history! Let’s look at it point by point.

1) Offers discount

As we saw above, over 50% of people that abandon during the checkout process do so because of hidden costs and delivery charges. Offering someone a discount to come back and complete their cart is a great way to reduce incomplete purchases and supercharge your sales.

2) It’s personalised, not mass – addressed to the visitor only

We have written previously about the effects of personalisation in email marketing. Personalising your marketing campaigns is not considered a trend anymore – it’s absolute necessity. At this stage in the process – when your subscriber has filled all his information – it would be a shame to try and claw back with a “Hey there”. Just address your customer as you would speak to a friend.

3) Contains a link to get back to your cart

A great way to make the most out of your abandoned cart emails is to avoid friction. Make sure that you offer a shortcut back to your visitors cart. If they are interested to purchase what they have left behind, they will need a quick way back. A simple link or button taking them back to the payment page of a fully populated cart is what they expect.

4) Reminding them what they have left behind

It’s quite likely that your visitors will need to be reminded of all the items they have left in their cart. Remember that it takes several minutes or up to a couple of hours for the abandoned cart emails to be sent out. It’s always good practice to remind your visitors. At this point, you need to take into consideration the impulse purchases, where visitors purchase more than what they originally had on their list (via cross-selling or up-selling). Imagine you are browsing Amazon for a pencil only to end up also buying a pencil case and a notebook (via “Similar Products” and the “Others have also bought” sections). Therefore, it’s imperative that you include a list of their items in your automated email.

5) Reserves those items for a while

Imagine that you visit, you add some items in the cart, find about some extortionate delivery charges and leave. Later, you get an email from the offering you free delivery to complete your cart. You click on the link only to find that those items are now gone…

Cart abandonment emails are no art – just common sense. It would mean a great deal to your customers if you reserve the items in their cart for a few hours to give them a chance to complete their purchase. In fact, this would really improve your chance as well as introduce a little bit of urgency for your customers to complete the checkout quickly. Something along the lines of the Talking Friends email or a message like “You have left those items in your cart a few minutes ago. But nothing to worry – we have reserved those items for another 6 hours in case you decide to come back”.

6) OK – Their website fails too. But offers them a support hotline

Over 10% of visitors experience technical difficulties when completing their checkout process. You will have to cater for those folks by offering them a live chat link or customer support hotline to either take their order over the phone or help them out with their online order.

+ 1) One that isn’t obvious…

…from the Talking Friends email above is the time it was sent. There is a fine line between a premature abandoned cart email and a very late one. In fact, our data has shown that abandoned cart emails should be dispatched between 45 and 60 minutes from the last time the visitor was seen in your website. Leave it for too late and your customers have already purchased from somewhere else.