Why some mails get delivered to the inbox and some go to the spam folder?

Why some mails get delivered to the inbox and some go to the spam folder

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But actually, if your server does not have a good “reputation” as we say, your e-mails will end up in your recipients’ spam folder. It takes a moment to destroy ones reputation, and ages to rebuild it, if it happens.

If your company has sent suspicious emails or stuff that Yahoo!Mail or Hotmail consider as spammy in the past, then your domain name has probably built up a negative reputation for the various Internet Service Providers. So if a couple of your subscribers have at some point hit “this is spam” button, then you are probably marked as a spammer, the ISPs will not forgive you for this, and probably deliver your message to your subscribers’ trash folder.

Try to be carefull with “what” you send, and “who” you send it to. For the first issue which concerns “what” you send, you have to be careful with words in the subject line that automatically attract spam filters, like “offer”, “discount”, “drugs”, “sex”, “-x% off” etc. Furthermore, you can perform a spam test before you click “send“. This test checks the content of your message for any mistakes that an email client considers as spam.

Moosend offers Spam Test for free so you can easily check how your campaign will rate against all of the popular spam filters.

Concerning “who” you send it to, we must be honest with you: be certain that you send email messages only to an opt-in list of recipients, meaning those that have offered you their email address and have asked to receive your news or offers. Annoyed recipients will not forgive you, moreover they’ll punish you with a spam complaint. You certainly don’t need that. Buying a list of recipients is an easy job. But there are limited things you can do with this list, and certainly you will not be able to host it in any serious Email Service Provider.
Moreover, the Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) are also important factors that can boost your sending reputation, and can greatly influence your deliverability.

If you choose to host your solution to Moosend, your messages will be sent via our mail servers, something that the ISPs review when deciding whether to accept or reject a message. That’s why all our efforts focus on building up a good reputation. Read here some information about our deliverability rates and find out how important it is to maintain this reputation, to be able to safely deliver your message to the target: the Inbox.

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