What is the best day and time to send a newsletter ?

What is the best day and time to send a newsletter

This is one of the most popular questions in the Email Marketing Industry. Choosing the right time ,most probably, will increase the CTR in more than just a noticeable percent.

So we will give some simple tips that should “make the difference”:

Avoid sending on dead hours and days. The reason is fair simple . Imagine that you go Monday morning in your office and press the magic Send/Receive Button. You will get a few tens of emails , some of them concerning your business, other just newsletters and spam. Even if a newsletter is interested, most probably it will be deleted.

If your recipients are not in the same Timezones , split your list to avoid dead hours

Once again use the Trial & Error method. Save previous email newsletters performance, and try to compare them according different sending days and times.

But also these are quite simple for everyone to think off. There must be a more “scientific” method to decide the proper day and time.

Once again Google Analytics is your friend:

Create segments to summarize your site’s traffic. For example create two segments, “Business Hours” and “Off business Hours”

Use the Google e-commerce Conversion tracker to find out which are the most profitable days and hours for your business.

Have a look at traffic sources from search engines. Days and hours that have more visits from search engines should be the best hours to launch a newsletter campaign.

If you want to be more scholastic , compare the same data in monthly base. For example if you run an everyday consumer e-shop, it is not wise to send you high promo offers in the last days of the month since most of the people run out of money these days.

In future we will publish specific case studies  summarizing the above tips (and other “secret weapons” ), so that you can get ideas and exercise your mind. 


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