Ways Email Marketing Helps your Business

Advertisements, PR, Google ads, retargeting, twitter cards… If you think about it a little, email marketing is the most cost efficient way to build and maintain your own broadcasting channel.

“Of course, compared to other media, email messages are dirt cheap to send. With TV you are spending on ad agencies, creative studios, and cable channels. With print ads, you are helping to keep newspapers and magazines alive. Direct mail costs more than $600 per thousand pieces. With email, there are almost no costs at all. But its low cost only makes the argument stronger that email marketing is the most cost-effective advertising method available today.

Certainly email beats the competition from a measurability standpoint. With TV you do not know who is watching your ads. Ditto with print. Even with direct mail, you cannot be sure that your mail has been delivered, or that anyone reads it when it gets there. With email, you know within 24 hours exactly which messages have been opened, by whom, what links the openers clicked on, and what part of your message was working” (Source: HBR.ORG )

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Can you find a better way to talk to your customers, almost on a daily basis, without any “disruptions” and huge costs? I know I can’t. So come on, let’s see in which way you can benefit from having an email marketing strategy set for your company.

It’s fast

Just hit “send” and you are there!

It’s cheap!

Depending on the platform you use and the plan you choose, you really need to try hard to find an expensive solution! For example, if you use Moosend, you certainly have scored one of the cheapest ones with world-class features!

Track ROI 

For every $1 spent, the average return is $44,25. Tracking it, is the easiest thing compared to all other forms of marketing as you can set a tracking link and watch it as it brings sales back to you!

E-mail marketing allows you to track your return on investment exactly and is often reported as second only to search marketing as the most effective online marketing tactic.Helps you to empty your cartsVery often people that use your e-shop, put stuff in their carts and then abandon them. Emailing them to offer something they can’t resist is a way that works well to help people make a buying decision! Tip: Create a you-can’t-resist-offer for older products/services/unread articles and see the magic that will happen! You’ll be surprised!

Open up

Let your audience learn all about the company, its people, its achievements! First and foremost, your subscribers are interested into knowing more about you and your news. Your customers and your subscribers could very well be your best brand ambassadors!

Why people subscribe for newsletters? 

Increase your credibility

When you need to buy something, where do you buy it from? Could it be from the one that delivers consistent and valuable advice, tips and news? If you do that, you will be on top of your customers’ minds when they need to either buy or make a suggestion to someone else.

Find new ways to generate revenue

From selling products to running affiliate programs (earn commissions from referrals), there is a whole new world of opportunities to pursue (remember that this is one of the cheapest broadcasting channels you own!) You can even sell advertising space in your newsletter!

Educate your audience

If your product is something relatively new or need to be thoroughly explained to every new user, use your email weapon! Your welcome emails could educate and make the first induction to your product. There is no better way to address to your customers even on a daily basis… unless you have the resources to call them one by one!

5 ways to make your customers read your emails. 

Get feedback

When launching a new product, or updating an existing one, you can ask for feedback. You would be so surprised when you will realise that you can actually get some! And most of the times, your clients’ feedback can be very useful and revealing!

Try sending out your first email today! It will be the most beautiful you will ever send!

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