Top 13 Reasons Why Email Marketing is (Still) King

…And Why Your Company is Spending More Without It.

email marketing king

Email Marketing sounds old and covered with dust – after all, it’s been here since forever, right?

Let’s get our facts straight.

Here’s the top 13 reasons why Email Marketing experts swear by it:

1. Email has been around since forever

…and this makes it the most experienced medium!

TRIVIA: The first email was sent back in 1971 from Ray Tomlinson to …himself! In his words, “The test messages were entirely forgettable… Most likely the first message was QWERTYIOP or something similar,” he said.

We have come a long way since that. To date, not only have we been engaging in email marketing but it has outlived and outperformed every ambitious “brand new” software. And so much more is to be expected.

According to a recent study, it is estimated that by 2020 the number of email users on a global level will have gone up to over 2.9 billion, and essentially, more than one third of the population globally will be using email. At the moment, while social media is heavily being regarded as email’s major competitor, it still has a long way to go since email has set the bar high.

2. Email is part of your identity card

The second reason why email is still king is because there’s virtually nothing social you can do now without it. Email now makes an integral part of various e-processes both in the private and the public sector; omnipresent from bank accounts to credit card email receipts to facebook accounts, email is part of the mandatory fields you must fill.

Point being, whatever industry you are in, your customers have an email they can be reached at. And even if they are not very active, you can educate them into checking it more often by communicating the benefits of subscribing: news, giveaways, flash sales, etc.

3. Email is budget-savvy

email piggy bank

…and we want that. Companies need a marketing channel that makes everything possible with dynamic content, segmentation variables, or automated messages – without breaking the bank.

Don’t explode your marketing budget- find what brings a higher ROI to your company and industry. As a matter of fact, email marketing has an astounding ROI of 4,300%

– practically, with email marketing, for every single USD spent, you get approximately 40$ in return.

Since your budget serves as an unequivocal marker for the estimation of the overall company performance, you need to spend it wisely. Email is the perfect candidate for it.

This, whatsoever, does not suggest that email marketing and social media channels are mutually exclusive; rather they are complementary, email as a primary source of quality leads and targeted content, and social media as a means of outreach to younger audiences.

Finally, email caters to individual behaviors and needs. For the same budget of your subscription plan you can send dozens of emails (hundreds, even if you want to test your subscribers’ loyalty!) and look sharp.

4. Email makes you the organic drop wizard

Email’s organic drop puts you first: you have control of all variables. You own your mailing lists and can reach all your subscribers via a simple email. Your email marketing platform of choice is only getting more competitive features. Unlike various social media or other platforms, no algorithm changes can affect your email marketing strategy.

With email you are in charge of what you do with your email list, while the creative is entirely up to you and not bound in any way by a platforms’ restrictions. You can also manipulate where you appear (e.g. the promotions tab) and thus improve your subscribers’ experience with your brand.

5. Email is the most personal

personal email

…for two reasons: you know who you are talking to, and they know who is talking to them because they signed up for your list. Especially the companies which have installed website tracking on their websites get to tap into insights from customer journeys and customer behavior which they do not otherwise access or employ through their ecommerce platform.

Did you know you can segment your subscribers and website visitors by sophisticated variables, such as the time they spent on a specific page, or their lifetime value as a customer, or the number of campaigns they added? Put everything to use through email automations and send highly targeted and relevant content like never before, for less.

6. Email is always there

Not everyone checks their inbox as soon as you send them an email, but when they do, they are focused.

And one more thing: email is awesome because whatever the time, those who want to find out more about your brand can do so just by filtering your incoming messages. This way, email allows for a history that can be traced back to a specific point. If anything, subscribers can resort to a simple search by recipient click and find out what the brand has been up to over the past few weeks.

On top of everything else, this history allows brand image building in a consistent manner as subscribers can browse through your style and products. It can create a sense of urgency for future purchases, even if the products the subscriber is viewing are out of stock. This makes email balance between online and hard copy.

Email’s competitive advantage is underscored by its content retrieval potential: since online ads (on Google, GDN, facebook, and so on) cannot be tracked down once seen, it is important that leads know where to look for what they need.

7. Natural selection

Email marketing is evolving: And this is the key to staying at the top. With email automations, website tracking, and gamification – call it natural selection of email marketing.

8. You can choose to design or build your newsletter

template library

If you want to create your own newsletter from scratch, Moosend’s email marketing platform lets you design it online. If you are the plug-and-play type, you can quickly build your newsletter using our ready-made email templates. Whatever your style, one thing is certain: you don’t need a graphic designer to put together your newsletter!

9. Email gives you layout freedom

And this just leaves the creative up to you! Without image-text limitations, you can easily use our drag-and-drop editor! Benefit from its unlimited customization possibilities and save time!

10. The Black Friday chapter

Need we say more? Email is companies’ go-to medium to send offers and giveaways for major sale events such as Black Friday. Email marketing remains the sales driver that adds value to your marketing budget!

Need we say more? Here’s 3 more reasons:

11. Email helps raise awareness

emailk raise awareness

Perfectly balanced between corporate and personal, with email marketing companies can take the floor to communicate the values they stand up for. Companies can also harvest their mailing lists to raise awareness about lesser known International days, such as Women’s day, and so on.

12. Hey, big spender!

According to a 2014 research, 44% of email recipients were led to make at least one purchase following a promotional email. Thus, it can be observed that users tend to spend more when they get an email.

13. Email engages even if you delete it

You get an email, read the subject line, swipe left to delete. Shortest engagement story ever, but still. When subscribers receive an email, they have to read the subject line, evaluate it, maybe open it, and evaluate it again, before you click or press the home button. All this is a process you consciously engage in. Whether you clicked the CTA or ignored it, the email did not go unnoticed!

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