Amazing Christmas Email Templates to Rock 2019 + Free Bonus Templates

BONUS: 5 FREE Christmas Newsletter Templates!

Whoa, your free Christmas newsletter templates inspiration is here!

If you are on the lookout for more, fresh ideas, we swam the open ocean of free Christmas newsletter templates. Yes, we did!

christmas newslt

Get ready for some serious action because we refreshed our Template Library and added to our free Christmas newsletter templates, available for use across all Moosend plans! Get them here!

PICASSO MODE on, with our 7+ creative ways to approach your newsletter design this Christmas!

Check out how we sprinkled some magic dust on the key takeaways so that you can design your best-newsletter-to-date for this Christmas!

Free Christmas Email Newsletter Templates

Our content upgrade grants you full access to the selection of our easily customizable free Christmas newsletter templates!

moosend's xmas template

To use this, simply:

  1. Use the upper part as a greeting card for your subscribers.
  2. Feature your Christmas offers or other deals in the lower part by bringing in containers to add images.
  3. Hit Send!
  4. Have a mince pie.
  5. Repeat 4

Here are your condensed, last-minute, free Christmas Newsletter templates #inspiration!

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More specifically, you can browse our integrated communications plan ideas.

These stretch over email marketing automation for Christmas, social media actions, brand loyalty tips, and offline marketing examples.

Also, we added specific design tips and software to hack your design presence, as well as a few limited edition packaging instances by major, popular brands.

Choose your level of engagement by going over a subject-line-specific article(don’t miss the content upgrade bonus!) or the more extensive, deep-seated Xmas marketing ideas.

Christmas Newsletter Templates Inspiration Unraveled for Free

We are thrilled to be sharing with you our creative approached for your Christmas newsletter design,

way past ordinary! In the latest “anything goes” design mood, designers are broadening their horizons,

considering extended color palettes. Moreover, holiday season themes are extended to

include more and exclude less: moving towards a secular commercial approach,

the Christmas and holiday season now has been extended to include Thanksgiving, Yule, Hanukkah,

Kwanzaa, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Veterans Day, and New Year’s day.

1. Product-centric approach

shoes xmas templateWhat is your advertising focus building itself around this Christmas?

Is it one specific product category or is it more of them?

Slip the memo over to your creative team and show them this creative brief!

Don’t forget to throw in a Christmas-y word or two in your copy (as in “Show

your merry side with red, silver, and gold”).

What do you think of the round CTA button? We loved it! It looks like Rudolph’s nose!

2. Playful approach

loeffler randall template

Do you see an advent calendar or a calendar counting down to your business’ massive sales day?

We really like how the sale date stands out with the exact same color of the featured bag and the marked calendar.

The visual could be upgraded with the addition of a gif of the shoulder bags going on sale on that day.

While you’re at it, why not add an actual countdown timer, too, to beef up your click-through rate? Yep!

3. Crafty, friendly approach

lola shoetique templateWe love how these simple photos come to life with these lovely illustrations!

Another addition we fell in love with was the CTA buttons!

Essentially, the links for the buttons are matched to the photos themselves, therefore, regardless of where the users click on each image, they will be transferred to the respective page.

Try to single out the photos themselves and you realize the effect a couple of sketched details can have!

If you are a small business, don’t get frustrated that you can’t afford this:

just look for the talent in your business and hand over the “Art Attack” challenge! As for the design software like Fotor, you might want to refer to this blog post.

j.crew template

4. Reductionist approach

anthropologie templateIs it reductionist or is it impressionist? Hmmm nope, we won’t take it there!

Draw inspiration from art movements – particularly the ones that match your branding or brand personality.

Adapt the Christmas and holiday season spirit to the style you selected.

Finally, make it newsletter-friendly by bringing it over to our free designer tool and adding CTA buttons

and subsections below your main creative.

In this holiday card, see how the brand’s semantically charged color palette and a few brush strokes can go a long way?

5. Subliminal approach

madewell template

Oh, the power of unwrapping presents and the joy of unboxing gifts, squeezed in an image as simple as this!

Ask your designers to prepare something along these lines – if not, you can always use it in a variety of occasions,

for instance, sales, users’ “Happy Birthday” email, and so on.

6. Prestigious approach

noelia template

Rid of the red-green-gold triptych color palette, the unlikely Christmas newsletter template colors are unexpectedly classy and cozy.

Not-at-all Grinchy, as one could expect! Instead, this darker-tone selection endows the campaign with a touch of prestige and classiness.

We are in love with this email newsletter design, can you not tell?

Use the top section to write your wishes, add your highlight products, then bring in a secondary category of products

and provide additional information for every item.

7. Nostalgic approach

retro xmas

Nostalgia marketing has been working its magic across generations. 

Up until quite recently, every brand was looking for the marketing-forward Christmas newslettter template.

Now, more and more companies are looking for inspiration in their target audience’s childhood years!

We really like the photo above – one we’d expect to see that in an Urban Outfitters’ email or another vintage-lover-friendly brand!

Always with a matching font!

8. Packaging approach

packaging xmas template

With a growing percentage of design-savvy and packaging-sensitive consumers,

why not build on your amazing, special edition, limited Christmas packaging?

Use an image of your packaging options as a background for your single-image newsletter design.

Couple it with additional information, but …stylishly:

“The big box for Mum, the small box for Dad, and the one with the greetings for sis.

Can you make sure you add more bells, please? It should make its proper noise!

Your gifts this year will be a thing!

Just drop by any day from 9-9 and browse our wide selection,

over hot, large, creamy cocoa cups!

Key Takeaways

Choose the objective of this newsletter: is it “Season’s greetings” email or a promotional campaign?

Pick the approach, 1 through 8, that best matches your objective and branding.

Work on 5 different versions of copy for your newsletter. Subsequently, hand it over to your team and ask them to choose.

Make adjustments as necessary and hit send.

Repeat after a few days!

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